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31st Aug 2010, 18:56
An American student whose heart stopped after he deliberately gave himself an electric shock in a science class is suing his teacher for not warning him it was dangerous.

Kyle Dubois is also taking legal action against the school district and the city of Dover in New Hampshire.

The 18-year-old and his parents claim teacher Thomas Kelley did not tell him and other students of the dangers of the demonstration power cords in their electrical trades class.

Kyle attached an electrical clamp to one nipple while another student attached another clamp to the other. A third student plugged in the cord.

Kyle was critically injured.

His legal action claims he suffered permanent brain damage.

Personally I think the case should be thrown out of court as the student must have had serious brain damage before the incident.

31st Aug 2010, 19:02
Wot fule wood attach clamps to their nipples?

That's got to hurt!

Pugilistic Animus
31st Aug 2010, 19:13

31st Aug 2010, 19:23
I think he should be required to demonstrate the event in front of a jury. 220 Volts this time though.

Pugilistic Animus
31st Aug 2010, 19:32
straight 60 amp 277Y480 connection:E

31st Aug 2010, 19:45
If he was dumb enough to do it the first time, he may do it again.

Cardinal Puff
31st Aug 2010, 19:52
Rights without responsibilities. You can always blame someone else for being a dribbling wobble headed window licker. Wonder if his parents' blender has a sticker on it informing the clown it's a bad idea to shove his hand in there while it's running?

The quick and the dead. Reckon Darwin had a point......:hmm:

A A Gruntpuddock
31st Aug 2010, 22:44
I wonder if it was a relative of his who was in my class at night school many years ago?

Class split into groups to build a simple circuit with switch, meter and light bulb (mains power). Lecturer goes across to sort out one malfunctioning circuit.

One of the group says "Ah, I see what's wrong" and switches power back on..........

Lecturer lands back on the ground from a great height with fist poised but (amazingly) manages to keep his temper.

Same moron later tries to set up a shock circuit by connecting both wires to a doorknob. Nowadays he would probably get an A* pass mark.

1st Sep 2010, 00:35

Our panel at the yogurt plant is a 600A service. The Pole/Service is a leg at the top of a 12,000v HT line, would that work?

sparky the bear

1st Sep 2010, 06:11
Doesn't say much for the education system, does it? He gets to 18 years of age and hasn't learned that plugging oneself into mains is a dumb idea.

Shame he hadn't attached the electrodes to his gonads. Might have stopped the idiot from passing on his defective genes.

Gentleman Jim
1st Sep 2010, 06:17
The frightening thing is that he might win!

1st Sep 2010, 06:35
This is why there should be a WTF defence available.
"Your honour, WTF"

1st Sep 2010, 07:54
Another one for the 'failed' box ...

Man blows himself up trying to kill a spider - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7973024/Man-blows-himself-up-trying-to-kill-a-spider.html)

Frank Arouet
3rd Sep 2010, 07:07
Now you know why some animals eat their young.