View Full Version : Analog(ue) or Digital?

John Marsh
31st Aug 2010, 19:18
"It's a digital lifetime."

Digital. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's infuriating. It's always, inscrutably, precise (or precisely wrong). Isn't that a bit...unnatural? Aren't we humans naturally a bit 'fuzzy'?


Twiddling is fun. It's finely-judged and human-controlled. Twiddling is rooted in analog(ue). There is a certain satisfaction in tuning in one's favourite station by ear on an analog(ue) set. You can't get that from pressing buttons!

Precisely Wrong!

I have a marvel of the digital age, a watch which always gains a second a day. Never more, never less. Three cheers for progress!

Pretty Digits?

Flickering, blinking, glowing...but pleasing? Digits may be functional, but there's nothing like a traditional dial.

'Steam gauges' vs glass cockpit - which is easier on the eye?

Loose rivets
31st Aug 2010, 21:30
but there's nothing like a traditional dial.

Unless, as the young apprentice, it's the third drive cord you've changed today.

I just hated that task.:uhoh: