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31st Aug 2010, 18:17
was a piece of bread soaked in the drippings in the pan that roasted the roast, shortly after the war, second, cheese and onion pie. We take things low and simple and old. (OMG another food thread)

31st Aug 2010, 18:33
... was, by far, my Grandmother's pasta sauce. It would take her all day to make it but, once done, was simply other-wordly.

31st Aug 2010, 19:33
Was an ice cube after a 24 hour nil-by-mouth.:ok:

31st Aug 2010, 19:49
Wholi's curry and Wholi's steaks and potatoes. Yeah, he masters even potato cooking. Ah, and coffee! :E

tony draper
31st Aug 2010, 20:13
Me Mums Rabbit Pie,dream about that I do.:(

31st Aug 2010, 20:16
Braised liver and onions, gravy made from the juices in the cooking pan, over mashed potato with swede mixed in.... :)

Fire and brimstone
31st Aug 2010, 20:17
A very good crispy duck ...... with all the trimmings.

OMG: my knees are going .......

31st Aug 2010, 20:17
Sometimes it's the simple things that taste the best and quite often the occasion.

Had beans on toast once after a particularly hard day and it was out of this world. Another day and it would have been just beans on toast.

Best desert was in a Mexican restaurant in a Turkish all-inc resort. Deep fried ice cream. I thought I'd gone to heaven.

31st Aug 2010, 20:33
After a particularly heavy night, and it being over the Crimbo leave period, the duty chef prepared myself and other fellow sufferers the Wardrobes favourite breakfast.

Shit on a Raft:

Will serve four
8 lambs kidneys
Worcester sauce
Dry mustard
White pepper
Mushroom ketchup (if required)
4 slices of bread Clean and halve the kidneys, prepare a devil sauce by mixing two teaspoons worcester sauce and mushroom ketchup (optional), one level tablespoon dry mustard with 2 ozs melted butter. Season with salt, white pepper and cayenne.
Heat two tablespoons oil or butter in pan and fry kidneys for 3 minutes on each side. Arrange them in a flameproof serving dish, spread the devil sauce evenly on top of the kidneys and put under a hot grill for one to two minutes.
Whilst kidneys are being grilled, deep fat fry the bread until golden brown, drain off excess fat, top with kidneys and dig in.


flying lid
31st Aug 2010, 20:35
After a three week holiday in Thailand, eating superb & wonderful Thai food, nothing tasted nicer upon geting home as Heinz (of course !!) beans on thick buttered toast, with a splotch of "Daddies" brown sauce on top !!!


31st Aug 2010, 21:43
Airedale sweetbreads on toast. Fabulous!

31st Aug 2010, 21:48
All things are relative to one's situation at the time. When meat was rationed a
breast of lamb cooked by me Mum when I was a wee nipper was bliss. It was mostly fatty and full of gristle but tasted delicious. I used to pick it clean.
In more recent years, a plate of hospital mince, after seven days of being fed intravenously was very much appreciated.

31st Aug 2010, 21:50
Can't remember her name but dee-licious.

OK - hat, coat, etc

31st Aug 2010, 22:07
Rollingthunder is right!
I can still remember the taste of my mothers sunday dinner & the ( bread dipped in the roast beef juices :) Mam can I have a dip..

31st Aug 2010, 22:12
Favourite thing? Pretty much any thing cooked by Checkers

Oh and partial to a Pavlova too.

Oh all right, Mum's roast. :ok:

31st Aug 2010, 22:13
My mum's beef casserole, which has in it bacon, vinegar and tomato sauce. :)

31st Aug 2010, 22:16
Sunday lunch cooked years ago by my Grannie. Home grown veg and mint sauce from garden mint. All while listening to the Billy Cotton bandshow followed by Round the Horne!:)
On the "wireless" of course.

tony draper
31st Aug 2010, 22:41
Glad you used the correct terminology Mr Three and did not called the wireless by that horrid new fangled name Radio.
Me mums gravy,especially beef gravy,I'm not a half way bad plain cook meself but I just cant make gravy like me mum used to make it,a lot of the fault lies the cuts of meat now of course and the lack of good honest fat in em,yer need the dripping for good gravy.

31st Aug 2010, 22:50
Good Lord, that is a very hard question. Iíve had so many great meals and food in my travels around the world. Letís see, here are some very memorable ones:

Vancouver Island, Canada. I met a RCMP officer while playing golf. He invited the other pilot I was with and me to his house for dinner with him and his wife and we accepted. I agreed after he promised me that I could make Caesar Salad, so on the way we stopped at a grocery store where I got the ingredients for the salad and then we stopped at the fish dock were he got two quarts of fresh shucked oysters, they actually shucked the oysters while we waited. After I made the salad he fired up the charcoal grill and we sat on their deck, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, grilling the oysters over the charcoal, dipping them into melted butter and ate them along with the salad as the sun set. God that was good.

The Island of Grenada just after a hurricane had hit the island. It was late when we landed and because of the damage from the hurricane most restaurants were closed and the few that were still in business had closed for the evening. So after checking into the hotel (which is a whole another story in itself) our driver took us out to find someplace to eat. We finally stopped at a street corner where there were some vans parked and there were charcoal grills set up and people were cooking food. Or driver told us that this was very common, that the food was safe to eat and better yet, they had cold beer. Well that did it, we sat on some ice chests, ate the best jerk chicken I have ever had and drank cold Red Stripe Beer. After stuffing ourselves with chicken and beer I asked the lady who was running this outdoor restaurant how much we owed her, she said 20 dollars US. So I gave her a one hundred dollar bill (US) and said keep the change. She protested, but I was insistent and told her weíd be back. And we did go back.

Beijing, China. After spending a few days with our guide/interpret I finally convinced him we wanted real Chinese food, preferably duck. So he took us to an area of Beijing that see little or no tourists judging from the attention we attracted by just walking down the alleyways to get to this restaurant, we also did not see any other non-Chinese people in this area while we were there. Then we were served the duck, I cannot describe just how excellent that duck was, I all but licked the bones, well to be honest I did lick the bones. We were also served some side dishes that I had no clue as to what they were, but they were fabulous as well. (Most likely I didnít really want to know what was in the side dishes if you want the truth.) Had some other really great food while in China, but that duck was the best ever, anywhere.

Thatís enough for now, but Iíll keep thinking about it.

31st Aug 2010, 22:51
I've had several wonderful meals that would qualify, including Chinese food and seafood, but if pushed to choose an ultimate 'final' meal it would be roast lamb (with mint sauce) with roast potatoes (or maybe German Bratkartoffeln) and garden peas.

Bread and butter pudding to follow.

I have had some delicious Barnsley chops too.

I would include dressed crab as a starter if that was allowed . . .
Alternatively Schneckesuppe

An Indian biriyani served with vegetable curry or a calzone would suffice as a snack if the roast was not available.

1st Sep 2010, 00:10
Oh dear, all this talk of 'mothers cooking' leaves me a tad depressed .. I'm gonna burn in hell for this but the truth needs to be told ...

My mum is absolutely brilliant in a million different ways but she still can't cook to save her life.. Her roast dinners, consisting of incinerated / raw / otherwise mutilated meat and unrecognisable lumps of what used to be vegetables, are completely and entirely best forgotten just as soon as possible :{

Having got that out of the way, my own penchant is now for liver and bacon in onion and herb gravy. The liver is pan fried for just a couple of minutes and then gently cooked with the grilled thick bacon slices for 20 minutes or so in the onion gravy.

Serve with green beans, new potatoes or carrot and swede mash, and extra-thick slices of fresh crusty white bread to 'mop-up' all the leftover juices. Heaven :ok:

1st Sep 2010, 00:20
Grandma's Apple pie....to die for.:ok:
Her steak and onions also. She was a great cook her pastry divine. thin and crispy and she taught me how to make it. My apple pies are also in demand.

First MIL's rabbit pie with a suet crust.

Got to admit my last was a good Thai cook and I really enjoyed her food.:ok:

Most of wive's except last, average and they normally asked me to cook on weekends.