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31st Aug 2010, 09:22
It's a long shot, I know, but here goes.

Done in the style of a trailer for a Victorian period TV drama (called 'God's Good Earth', or something) with lots of scenes of family crises, sons off to war, old woman dying in bed, funerals; you know the kind of thing. The voicover is laying on the atmosphere until the words, - "God's Good Earth. Starring BENNY HILL!!!!" Cue 'Yakety Sax', as raincoated figure runs around pulling down trousers, lifting skirts and creating mayhem.

I never laughed so hard in my life. I've Youtubed it to no effect, so if anyone has a clearer memory of it than me, I'd be v. grateful. It wasn't the Benny Hill Show per se, it was an actor playing the part, and the programme was broadcast c. '83/84. :)

31st Aug 2010, 16:12
Hi I think this was from the first series of Alas Smith and Jones.

31st Aug 2010, 16:41
Series one Episode one Part 2 About 2 minutes in. The Police Complaint is also worth a watch.

31st Aug 2010, 18:10
Well soptted, that man! The power of PPRuNe!!
YouTube - Alas Smith & Jones - Series 1 Episode 1 Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAAIeVveNgc)

BTW, welcome to the fora! :ok:

31st Aug 2010, 18:55
As the power of pprune has been used to a successful outcome, may one be indulgent to put this up for jollification ?

YouTube - The two ronnies - Fork handles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz2-ukrd2VQ)


31st Aug 2010, 18:58
Somebody call?

31st Aug 2010, 19:01
Well...what are the chances of that happening......within 3 mins :}


31st Aug 2010, 19:11
The wife has often uttered those very words...

tony draper
31st Aug 2010, 19:26
Great stuff :ok: loved Not the nineoclock,
Strange Mel Smith never seemed to do much after it finished, seen thingy Jones in a few things since.

31st Aug 2010, 19:36
I believe Mr Smith took a role behind the camera and enjoyed a fair amount of success and possibly had some 'issues' that befall 'artistes' that hindered his creativity :=