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blue up
31st Aug 2010, 08:07
On a looooong night flight to TFS last week I was engrossed in conversation about the end of the world as we currently know it.
We discussed a few scenarios, such as...

1. Wall Street bombed. Data lost. Economy collapses.
2. Wheat virus destroys world crops. Bread shortages. Famine in Europe.
3. El Nino + Atlantic Conveyor stream changes. Europe freezes.
4. Antibiotic-resistant disease spread round the world.

Now, having seen Romania after 'Democracy' broke out, where there was no longer anyone to transport food to the cities, I have started to wonder just how much an individual would need to do to become self sufficient in food, water, fuel etc. The local Blockbusters video store probably has some good tips but I was wondering if anyone on here has any idea how much land is needed to supply food and fuel to last a family for a year. What crops grow fastest for the maximum calorie yield? How much wood is necessary? HOW can you purify water enough to keep disease at bay? Can you eat Lawyers, Politicians and Journalists?

I have 9 tins of Tomato Soup in the larder, some apple trees, some Leeks and Carrots in the back garden and approximately 200 rounds of 12 and .410 ammo. What more would I need?

31st Aug 2010, 08:19
Wheat virus destroys world crops. Bread shortages. Famine in Europe.There's a great book (and BBC movie of the book) out there covering just this scenario: "No Blade of Grass" (I see that in some markets, it's titled 'The Death of Grass' (US Title: No Blade of Grass) (ISBN: 0722122993/0-7221-2299-3) by John Christopher.

Realy good, if very disturbing, look at what would happen if Western governments (in this case, the UK's) couldn't feed their populations and society breaks down completely.

Highly recommended. Available online cheap as chips.

31st Aug 2010, 08:28
and approximately 200 rounds of 12 and .410 ammo. What more would I need?

I would get more ammo in if I were you.

I doubt that a natural catastrophe will be the cause of worldwide famine or catastrophe. The breeding habits of some societies will be the trigger.

Cardinal Puff
31st Aug 2010, 08:33
Lawyers, politicians and journalists as food? Don't be ridiculous. They're filthy creatures. Rather grind them up for use as fertiliser and grow barley to make beer.

henry crun
31st Aug 2010, 08:55
Did someone mention the end of the world, judgement day ?


tony draper
31st Aug 2010, 09:35
If you work anywhere near that San Andreas fault I seriously suggest you try and swap your desk for one nearer the door.

31st Aug 2010, 10:12
Yep, definitely get more ammo, a LOT more ammo!!

Growing food to sustain you is only the start of the problem - keeping some other less prepared waster from stealing it will be quite another matter!!