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30th Aug 2010, 17:22
Hi folks,

I know a few people who indulge in a spot of armchair "trading" and just wondered if anyone here does the same? Seems a bit hit and miss to me but some people do seem to have half decent systems that work fairly consistantly so wonder what the PPRuNe concensus of opinion is...


Um... lifting...
30th Aug 2010, 17:26
If you need to ask someone's opinion of whether it works or not, it won't work for you.

30th Aug 2010, 17:30
VFE, CFD/spread betting isn't really advisable for "newbies" unless you have money to burn.
I am a newbie and I go "long" still.

30th Aug 2010, 19:23
If you need to ask someone's opinion of whether it works or not, it won't work for you.

What he said.

Fire and brimstone
30th Aug 2010, 19:35
Do not get sucked into this.

You should not 'invest' into this untill you have at least six months worth of income invested in completely safe accounts.

You will not get rich quick - you will end up skint and upset with yourself.

Once you have 6-12 months capital invested in either bank accounts / government bonds, you may gamble cash on this dubious concept.


30th Aug 2010, 19:39
Lesson number one.....you can't beat the bookie.

There is no lesson two.

30th Aug 2010, 20:48
Its a bit like saying "how do you make a million in aviation....start with 10 million"

30th Aug 2010, 21:45
It is quite possible to make money in spread betting - a mate of mine makes a quite good living off it. Not necessarily in placing the bets though - he gives courses in how to go about it (and definitely offers no guarantees that anyone will win).

30th Aug 2010, 21:49
One of the big dangers of spread betting is that there's a very real possibility that you could end up owing more than you put in.

As has been said, unless you really do have money to waste, leave well alone.

31st Aug 2010, 05:55
spread betting need not necessarily be risky - remember it is you who controls the leverage, people commonly lose because they use too much leverage (i.e. levererage = risk).

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