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30th Aug 2010, 10:49
Please can someone explain the conspiracy theory to me behind 9/11?

A Captain I flew with once gave me a very detailed explanation but I have since forgotten it!

Thanks x

30th Aug 2010, 10:54
Oh no. Please not again.....

de facto
30th Aug 2010, 11:03
google it. :ok:
Time will tell.:E

30th Aug 2010, 11:03
......lock this thread, delete it and banish the OP to the dungeons of hell?

Evening Star
30th Aug 2010, 11:03

In summary:

- The secret world government was behind it all.

- The Mods are part of the secret world government and the evidence of this is how they will close/delete any thread which dares to discuss the conspiracy.


sea oxen
30th Aug 2010, 11:08
Elvis was paid by BP to shoot JFK. Jim Morrison works at Burger King in Reigate, helping to cover up the Area 51 project. 9/11 never happened. It was airbrushed by Zionist Freemasons in the pay of Harold Holt.

Oh, and we are 40 minutes away from a catastrophic attack from Iraq.


Cardinal Puff
30th Aug 2010, 11:09

Gentleman Jim
30th Aug 2010, 11:41

First can you explain how you have forgotten such a detailed explanation? What exactly do you remember of what the Captain said, after all as in any conspiracy there can be many many theories!

Lon More
30th Aug 2010, 12:23
PM Fire and Brimstone he was the brain behind it :*

tony draper
30th Aug 2010, 12:24
After he was told I suspect the flashy thing was used on him.

30th Aug 2010, 14:50
If the explanation isn't too long, could we please have the conveyor belt theory as well ?

30th Aug 2010, 15:36
...a very detailed explanation but I have since forgotten it!The only sensible thing to do.

30th Aug 2010, 17:12
Somebody screwed up and big brother needs to hide it to save face or the world will implode.

Millions were paid off to keep it from leaking to the public.

best that you don't tell and don't ask

30th Aug 2010, 17:20
I'll bet that ukc311 is one of us (under a different name) and is giving you lad's a tug on your "insert naughty bit name here".