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29th Aug 2010, 23:00

I'm looking for aviation schools both in Florida and in San diego. But don't know witch place is best.

So I was wondering, what place is best to live/training in? In the view of other prospects than flying, such as Nightlife, living standards, crime rate, shopping, beaches and so forth.


29th Aug 2010, 23:15
Florida will be FAR FAR cheaper than San Diego for basic living. If cost is a big factor, Florida.

San Diego does not have the hot / humid of Florida. If that's a problem for you (keep in mind, you'll be in airplanes generally without air conditioning), I'd go to San Diego.

If you like nightlife, any of the major cities in Florida will probably be ok, as is San Diego.

Southern California will have a greater number and variety of airports than Florida (6600 feet elevation Big Bear, below sea level Thermal and Furnace Creek). Everything in Florida is sea level plus a handful of feet. No alligators in California.

If you like warm ocean water... Florida. I learned to fly in southern California 24 years ago, but I've flown a piston plane in Florida also.

San Diego resident

30th Aug 2010, 00:15
One is a city in a large state, the other is a large state with a number of cities. What is it that you are trying to compare? A bit like asking which is better, a flying school in Oslo or a flying school in Sweden?

If you are going somewhere for the "quality" of the training, then it might be better to seek out establishments that satisfy that criteria, rather than those that might better apply if you were emigrating or going on holiday.

30th Aug 2010, 08:01
Hi again.

Thanks for the tips.

After some thread reading in different threads I noticed there are lots and lots of schools out there. Therefore I have to narrow it down a bit.
Of course the training is the most important part of the vistit to the states. But if I'll be spending a year (in hope of a FI job after training) I really wan't to enjoy my staying there regarding the environment around me...

Therefore I wanted to know in generall where to look for schools...


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