View Full Version : Strobes north of Malaga

29th Aug 2010, 13:42
Flying into Malaga at night, as we tracking down to the MAR VOR there was a large installation of synchronized strobe lights in the area just to the north and around the VOR.
Anyone any idea what these are?

29th Aug 2010, 14:46
Wind Farm methinks

green granite
29th Aug 2010, 16:34
Oh dear Ibbie's at it again. :E

Fire and brimstone
29th Aug 2010, 16:53

.... thought this was common knowledge.

We operate into AGP every day. Most pilots are familiar with the strobe lights you describe.

The lights demark the Cordoba Airdale Terrier Sanctuary (C.A.T.S.) - a charitable organization funded - strangely - by donations from the UK.

The strobes keep the natural enemies of the Airdales away from the facility during hours of darkness - mainly squirrels and cats.

Spanish AIP gives details, opening hours, PCN's etc.

Hope this helps.