View Full Version : Washington State & living close to CAN/USA border

29th Aug 2010, 06:12
Using Google earth, I have been looking at the islands on the river system between Vancouver and Seattle. Quite a beautiful part of the world.

What are the practicalities of living very close to an international border, as it often snakes around the islands. How do the authorities control it. Are there signs. It seems that in someplaces you could get accross in a rowboat. Especially from Stuart island.

Do you have to carry your passport if you go boating. How dow they control, record movements between the two countries in open waterways.

29th Aug 2010, 07:01
Actually, it's the ocean - not a river system. The Strait of Georgia in Canada - Puget Sound in the U.S.

This site answers some of your questions
Pat's Boating in Canada: Entering the U.S.A. by boat (http://boating.ncf.ca/usborder.html)

And yes....the Gulf/San Juan Islands are enchanting.