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29th Aug 2010, 04:31
What w*nkers:

Charity fundraiser chocolates, mints and lollies will be banned from all South Australian Health buildings under a crackdown on "unhealthy" food.

Butter, pies, pasties, sausages, bacon, soft drinks and even cordial are among more than 20 food items on a "red" list which will also be banned at department events, meetings and functions under the new state food policy which becomes mandatory on October 1.

Workers will have to seek permission from department executives if they want to serve alcohol such as sparkling wine and fried food such as spring rolls at their staff Christmas party.

Already boxes of charity chocolates and mints have been removed from counters at the Royal Adelaide and Women's and Children's Hospitals.

SA Health's 30,000 staff were sent an email about the policy last week by chief executive Dr Tony Sherbon, who wrote: "Healthy eating is important for healthy lifestyle, which is why SA Health is making healthy food and drink choices easier in the workplace through the Healthy Food and Drink Choices for Staff and Visitors in SA Health Facilities policy."

The email stated "Red (unhealthy) category food or drinks should not be provided" at functions, meetings, events or even in "social club fridges".

The new policy also bans staff and charities from holding fundraiser sausage sizzles or lamington drives at SA Health sites including gardens and carparks.

Gentleman Jim
29th Aug 2010, 04:49
Barbecued rib-eye steaks and those lovely lamb chops will be on the list next!

Is anything healthy for us? After all isn't life a terminal disease?

29th Aug 2010, 05:34
Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

Australia seems to be falling into the same petty and intrusive anti libertarian legislative mode that characterised the last Labour government here in the UK. I trust the Aussies will fight for their right to put their prawns on the barbie.


29th Aug 2010, 06:13
Even if what they are doing is in a good cause, the way it is being implemented, ie by diktat, is reprehensible.

The island of Rockall is starting to look like a nice piece of real estate.

sea oxen
29th Aug 2010, 06:30

I was born and raised Down Under. People over here are befuddled when I tell them of what it is like over there. And let me remind you that this is the country of 'you couldn't make it up'.

To paraphrase Ian Fleming, it's gone from infancy to senility, without any period of maturity.

Drug sniffer dogs on the street. Bicycle helmets mandatory. Compulsory voting.

O tempora. O mores.


29th Aug 2010, 06:49
Drug sniffer dogs on the street

There's still hope for us sea oxen. I read recently of a local pub packed full of happy drinkers:

"Police sniffer dogs were sent to the front bar of the Highlander Hotel looking for recreational drugs, but found nothing."

Pugilistic Animus
29th Aug 2010, 18:28
NYC is adopting the Health Penalty too:\

Pugilistic Animus
29th Aug 2010, 18:49
Bake Sales Banned In New York City Schools | TakePart - Inspiration to Action (http://www.takepart.com/news/2009/10/04/new-york-city-bans-bake-sales)

no such thing as personal responsibility anymore we need the government to parent our kids for us too

Noah Zark.
29th Aug 2010, 20:38
If the article hadn't mentioned Oz, it could equally have been here in the U.K. Another embryonic Nanny state in the making!