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tony draper
28th Aug 2010, 09:43
All smoke and mirrors,amazing!,think the subject matter is that unfortunate colonial rebellion,we should have crushed that at the onset,500 mounted Dragoons,sabres draw,all over,they dont like it up em.
You can do a lot with a greenscreen. [VIDEO] (http://www.wimp.com/youcan/)

28th Aug 2010, 14:22
Thank you for that Mr D, absolutely fascinating, I love to look at other people's crafts. Does this Technology mean that thousands of minor luvvies will soon be reverting from film extras to strolling players and painted mimes infesting our streets and deserving of the attention of our walking canes and boots?

Buster Hyman
28th Aug 2010, 15:09
So...the Moon landings can't have been that hard then...:E

Evening Star
28th Aug 2010, 15:17
Buster ... :=

You know you should not wind up the conspiracy theorists ... it takes ages for the mods to clear up the mess afterwards.

28th Aug 2010, 15:30
Isn't that the technique used by television production bods?

Except, IIRC, they use blue.

28th Aug 2010, 15:39
TD back to the technology of then and there........

NASA had a three-axis mounted TV camera which relayed pictures back to TV screens mounted in the simulator Lunar Module. The inputs were derived from a huge model of that part of the moon's surface where touchdown was planned, and the camera skimmed over it at ever-decreasing height until the last turn-over and touch down.

During one sim., a large live cockroach was glued by the technicians to the landing point, so the crew flying the simulator saw this monstrous insect awaiting them, legs waggling and eyes bulging.

Can't do that for a joke with greenscreen technology (well you could but not so amusing when it's all so easy.)

tony draper
28th Aug 2010, 15:52
Makes one wonder what technology will be capable of twenty five years from now concidering what puter graphics were like on me Commadore 64 twenty five years ago.
We may all have our own individually tailored 3D virtual world to wander about in and rule over
PS, you would not want to be one of my enemies in my Draperworld.

28th Aug 2010, 16:20
Tis amazing what can be achieved these days with computer technology, bearing in mind that most of these elements that were slotted into the background were either hand drawn or computer rendered in the first place, which took considerable time. Keeping one's composure and staying in character with only a greenscreen and little else is enough to give any actor a few sleepless nights :uhoh:

DraperWorld, dear lord, I wouldn't enter it without a few cutlasses/crossbow/battle axes (of the MiL variety) and a laser guided Heckler&Koch :}