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27th Aug 2010, 23:26
Treading the forum tightlines here, but I find the following quote absurd - if the Mods let it continue, I will add a comment or two later

Andy Wlliman, exec.prod, Top Gear

He also made an apparent dig at the driver who wears Stig's helmet, saying: "It's an issue of trust. Everyone who's ever worked on Top Gear has kept the Stig thing a secret, and the person who wears the suit has signed confidentiality agreements to do the same.
"So talk about what you like in your own life, but not the bit you agreed not to. Your word is supposed to mean something."
He concluded by saying he would continue to fight the case because the Top Gear team had "worked bloody hard for many years to make the Stig something worth caring about, and that includes protecting it from a bunch of chancers".

Aaarrr, that's it then, never understood that bit...which bunch of chancers would that be then , BBC Worldwide? Bedder 6?
C'mon guys get real....

Jeremy Clarkson made 830,000 from Top Gear - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/celebritynews/7093546/Jeremy-Clarkson-made-830000-from-Top-Gear.html)

And if you want to see real spin in action, check out the Top Gear blog, 'tis a hoot. Talk about amateur hour/workforce placement comment...

27th Aug 2010, 23:45
Rules is rules, and if you join a club which states that 'though shalt not' (whatever it is and however unreasonable) then, Shirley, you have a moral obligation (maybe even a legal obligation) to comply.

Is that not reasonable?

(Imagine someone engaged to be Father Christmas declaring to all and sundry that he was merely acting the part and not the real Father Christmas. Would he have breached his contract? Maybe not, but would his behaviour be acceptable?)

28th Aug 2010, 00:06
It's Ben Collins, everyone knows anyway.:rolleyes:

28th Aug 2010, 00:18
Ben Collins is Father Christmas? I didn't know that!

Gentleman Jim
28th Aug 2010, 04:00
Or is he Father Stigmas.

It is a little amusing that the name is out yet the BBC are still intent on Court to stop Collins from saying he is the Stig. We all know now.

Cardinal Puff
28th Aug 2010, 06:51
I'm Spartacus...

28th Aug 2010, 07:48
Ben Collins? Never heard of him. Anyway, I'm the real Father Xmas. At our place anyhow...

Cardinal Puff
28th Aug 2010, 08:49
This is the REAL Father Christmas...


He makes beer as a sideline. How could he not be Father Christmas?:ok:

28th Aug 2010, 08:54
I'm Brian, and so's my wife..........

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