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John Marsh
26th Aug 2010, 20:26
Some never wonder! No eternal 'why', no bothersome 'how'. No search for meaning.

It's an interesting approach to life, rather like finding oneself in flight without any recollection of takeoff or interest in the destination. (Good Lord...an aviation reference!):ok:

I can certainly see advantages: a true acceptance of life and a healthy focus on 'now'. Hours of imperturbable fun with religious cold callers! A cheerfully irreverent sense of humour, perhaps, and a certain philosophical calm.

I am both impressed and jealous!

So: do you never wonder? How do you 'do it', as it were? Have you persuaded others to think likewise?

A thought: if no one wondered, there would be no church scandals or lunatics seeking 72 virgins...

26th Aug 2010, 20:37
You're talking about a world with no imagination and perhaps no memory either.

PPRuNing would be restricted - if anyone had thought of PPRuNe at all (or thought of Danny Fyne for that matter).

The Limerick thread would be stuffed, as well as the Finish... threads and Mornington Crescent, although that is a real game with real rules, of course, where the slightest fabrication is looked down on.

26th Aug 2010, 21:48
Tis interesting. Mrs T is chalk and cheese to me. Me, I can't not know something. If I hear of something I don't understand, it gnaws away at my nether regions until I can google it. I have to know how to futz with my phone so much, I need to factory reset every so often. I dread to think of how many appliances/gadgets/machines I've dispatched because I was not as adept at assembly as disassembly.

Mrs T truly couldn't care less and is perfectly happy climbing into a jet without the slightest clue as to how it works or word one about the car (she can obviously fill her up and at a push, top up the screen wash) and is perfectly happy with that. Doesn't mean she's left deficient in the brains and common sense department, far from it, but I have long since given up trying to understand how she can be so calm about it. Understanding the big bang is easier for me than how life can be complete without innate curiosity in the same sort of way as camels passing through the eyes of needles.

26th Aug 2010, 21:57
As kids, my sister and I were looking at a map of the world.

I asked her where China was, but she couldn't point to it.

Her excuse? 'We only had to learn its products, not where it was.'

I agree with Simonta - the first thing you'd want to know about China, if it produced rice or whatever, would be where it is. My sister's not the only female with limited curiosity, but then she was a far more eficient student than I ever was too. Didn't waste time on extraneous stuff...

27th Aug 2010, 04:07
I used to wonder. Now I'm too tired and cynical to care :bored: