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26th Aug 2010, 10:56
hey, can you guys pls recommend any good academies which are in collaboration with colleges, such that they offer a JAA ATPL + a degree, preferably a business/management degree related to aviation?
thanks a lot

26th Aug 2010, 12:13
If you are not so keen on a JAA license , there are some very good schools that give you a FAA license and you can do your Business Management form Embry Riddle.

I know a few guys in my school who go to Embry Riddle in Fort Lauderdale twice a week and fly at the executive airport for the rest of the days at a local flight school.

pm me if anything,
happy flying!

26th Aug 2010, 13:00
Take a look at the Pilot training collage in Ireland. The offer a BSc (Hons) in Airline Transport Operations from WIT.

26th Aug 2010, 15:29
thanks a lot a your prompt replies guys :ok:
i'll check them out..

26th Aug 2010, 16:04
News - Waterford Institute of Technology (http://www2.wit.ie/News/News/MainBody,31554,en.html)

At about 140,000 min before anything else it seems a tad expensive and optimistic

29th Aug 2010, 11:23
thanks a lot IrishJason, i'll check it out

29th Aug 2010, 14:40
Hi guys,

Ive been doing some research about commercial training and have come across a course at kingston university in london that offers a degree and pilot training. Im currently at the ppl stage and have nearly finished. I have done quite alot of research about all the different ways of training apart from this route. Im going to be in a position soon where i will be eligible for free university education, and am trying to make sure that ive covered every aspect that I possibly can before taking the plunge into commercial training. Ive tried the search function for information, but havn't found anything. Can anyone shed some light on the subject?
Any advice would be great!

Genghis the Engineer
29th Aug 2010, 15:13
Brunel University just West of London (degree in Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies) have a loose arrangement with Bournemouth College of Flight Training or BCFT. It goes something along the lines of:

Year 1: degree first year, PPL groundschool, flying training to NPPL(SSEA) at Wycombe Air Centre

Summer 1: quick upgrade to JAR PPL(SEP) BCFT groundschool, part 1, CAA exams

Year 2: degree second year, hour build at WAC

Summer 2: BCFT groundschool, part 2, CAA exams

Year 3: degree final year, graduate with BEng(Hons)

Starting summer 3: back to Bournemouth, get on with flying training to CPL.

- What you do about IR and MCC to fATPL is up to you, but doubtless Bournemouth would be happy to arrange that as well.

To a fair extent self managed, but two good organisations to train with, and a reasonably inexpensive way to do a degree and CPL together.


29th Aug 2010, 17:13
Cheers Genghis! ill check it out, hopefully ill be able to squeeze some money out of my employers to pay for my new career!

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