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26th Aug 2010, 09:24
Anyone been diving in Phuket and can recommend a decent dive operator there? Taking the wife and kids for a 7 day holiday there in February and am looking to do a couple of days of diving. There seems to be a million dive operators there and it's getting hard to narrow it down. Anyone out there with some experience in Phuket? Thanks.....

26th Aug 2010, 18:46
Nope, but if you change your holiday plans I can recommended a good miniature golf course in Newquay.

Might be closed in February though!

26th Aug 2010, 19:42
Check your PMs, Buford.

27th Aug 2010, 01:37
It will depend where you are staying. Traffic on Phuket can be bad in the high season and travelling time to the dive boats reduces your time available. If you are staying in the Patong area then pm me and I'll ask around locally. There are a couple of schools close to me who also do trips and I can get an idea of prices etc for you. PM me if I can help

27th Aug 2010, 14:08
Having just read a report on sea water contamination here in Thailand I would especially avoid Patong and Rawai areas of Phuket!!

27th Aug 2010, 15:26
Scuba Diving in Thailand and Asia - TeakDoor.com - The Thailand Forum (http://teakdoor.com/scuba-diving-in-thailand-and-asia/)

Try this.

27th Aug 2010, 15:30
THe only diving I've done in Thailand is Muff!:E

Metro man
28th Aug 2010, 00:28
Try these guys Diving Phuket Thailand – Liveaboard diving cruises to Similan and Burma - Padi Diving Courses in Phuket (http://www.waterworldasia.com/)

They have a large dive shop in Patong and can book you onto a suitable dive trip depending on what you want to see.

Once you've done that, cross over the road and walk one block down and you will find the Christin massage parlour. :E

Christin Massage Phuket - Phuket Massage - Patong Christin Massage - Phuket Christine Massage (http://www.phuketlist.com/guide/christin_massage_phuket)