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Bruce Wayne
25th Aug 2010, 08:54
An Oklahoma man looking to fulfill his fetish for smelling and hearing farts:

According to a police report (http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/griffin/NEWS9/PDF/1004/FlatulencePoliceReport.PDF), the 27-year-old victim–whose identity has not been released—told authorities last Friday that he had met the suspect in January through a website. The two began sexually-charged correspondence. But the victim told the suspect that he was only interested in the prospect of a farting encounter, and did not want to have sex. The suspect told him he “would not force himself on him,” the report states.

In March, the victim agreed to meet at the suspect’s house because the man said “he would fart for me,” he told police. But once he was inside the home, that’s when his fantasy turned physically violent. The suspect “grabbed him by the britches” and led him into the bedroom. When the victim told him he wanted to leave, the suspect told him: “I know where you live. I will beat you up and take your car if you leave.” Terrified that he would get beat up, the victim allowed the man to have his way with him. He said that “he’s not much of a fighter” and doesn’t “like getting beat up,” so he pretended to enjoy the sex acts by saying “Ooo. I like that.”

Some of the graphic statements filed in the report (http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/griffin/NEWS9/PDF/1004/FlatulencePoliceReport.PDF) include this detail:
The suspect touched the victim’s BLANK and started rubbing the victim’s BLANK and put part of his hand into the victim’s BLANK. The victim said he was not sure if the suspect just put a finger or two BLANK or if it was the whole hand because “it was dark and I couldn’t see what he was doing.” The victim said “ouch, that hurts” and the suspect said “be quiet or I’ll do it again.”Once the suspect was satisfied, he told the victim: “My mom is going to get up and go to work soon so you need to go.”

When the police officer asked the victim why he agreed to meet the man after receiving the sexually explicit text messages, he told him he “thought they could just fart and be friends.” He added that he didn’t report the incident earlier because he was embarrassed.

25th Aug 2010, 09:14
He added that he didn’t report the incident earlier because he was embarrassed.

Really! Surely not, I cannot understand why!:yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk:

I guess with 6 Billion people on the planet, folks like this are going to be around. The mind boggles. His mother must be so proud of him.

25th Aug 2010, 14:09
You mean his Mom slept through all this?

25th Aug 2010, 14:19
Well at least he didn't have a gerbil rammed up his poop-chute!! :}