View Full Version : A Definite Ruling is required ... or needed...

24th Aug 2010, 10:00
I'm struggling with the proper way of typing ellipses on PPRuNe.

I think that three dots are needed, but is there a space before the first dot or not?

I've been alternating about the space, but I'm feeling alternately pedantic and sloppy.

What can be done?

tony draper
24th Aug 2010, 10:23
I though ellipses had focii not dots,:rolleyes:

24th Aug 2010, 10:31
This is an ellipsis, not an ellipse ... .... . But the plural of both is ellipses.

24th Aug 2010, 10:33
This is how I always do them...

...not that I'm a punctuation expert or anything.

The Pprune punctuation pedants will know...


24th Aug 2010, 10:35
I though ellipses had focii

Language...........please! ;)

24th Aug 2010, 10:36
A girl with an elleptical bum
Could be, after school rather fun
She had two nice focii
and was quite nice to pokey
so now she's a multiple mum

D & B, this isn't Limericks is it.


24th Aug 2010, 10:56
I always space out mine . . .

. . . or should that be space mine out?

tony draper
24th Aug 2010, 11:02
"It's worse than that the're Space Mines Jim" :)

24th Aug 2010, 11:18
Incoming display of blissful ignorance.

I believe that there are two formal uses of the ellipsis:

To represent a missing section of a quotation.
To show that a sentence has been knowingly left unfinished, leaving a vaguely implied continuation just hanging.I would also add another personal one:

3. To indicate that I can't think of anything else to say on a subject ...

Whether three, four or more dots are used, or if a space precedes them, is of no consequence to me in my semi-literacy. It wasn't necessary to know about these things back in the 1950's to achieve a respectable pass in GCE 'O' level English Language. Perhaps they hadn't been invented then ...

tony draper
24th Aug 2010, 11:29
Buggah! I didn't know those dots had a name.:uhoh:

24th Aug 2010, 11:40
The pedantic punctuation police prefer to have a name for every little thing.

(Not that I know much about such things; I'm alliterate. )

girl with a stick
24th Aug 2010, 11:55

Too much time on PPRuNe...back to that Law degree...


(actually, it looked better with the spaces ... what to do??)

Lon More
24th Aug 2010, 12:09
When being taught type-setting I was told 4, preceded and followed by a space.

24th Aug 2010, 12:12
Well, I'm still going to use three - interspaced with spaces . . .

24th Aug 2010, 12:22
Three with a space ...

No hard-and-fast rule; it's just down to personal style.



24th Aug 2010, 12:28
No hard-and-fast rule; it's just down to personal style.
Oh!..........:confused:erm..........good............I think.