View Full Version : EDI / SE Scotland minibash?

23rd Aug 2010, 20:38
Somebody gotta do it.

OK; who might be up for a minibash in Edinburgh in, say, mid-late September? Drinkies somewhere High-Street-ish, or George St if we're feeling posh (Hi, Stockie) followed by grub.

If there's sufficient interest, I'll do a list of bars, restaurant and dates, and we'll see who can make it and what preferences might be.

Sept 18 is out 'cos I'm at Tom Kitchin's. :E

23rd Aug 2010, 20:47
Typical! :{ Cartman and Tealady are in the Big Smoke 20 - 28 September. Likely be available to trade insults and bad jokes any other dates though :E

west lakes
23rd Aug 2010, 20:48
Hmmmmmmm.................................................... ...................

23rd Aug 2010, 20:51
w/c 20th Sept (the whole week) would be bad for me too, as Mr P is off on a business trip (if he can haul his sorry, broken ass on to a plane that is!).

In general, Fridays work best for me, but can afford to be fairly flexible as I don't have rostering issues!

Cheers, Magnus. :ok:

23rd Aug 2010, 21:00
OK; early Oct? No home rugby then, and might allow more planning/flexibility, as well as being shortly after payday!!!

As a start point, what about something like The Advocate, Hunter Square followed by Mai Thai in Fishmarket Close? Or upmarket a bit to Tiger Lily in George St then Cafe Marlene in Thistle St.?

23rd Aug 2010, 21:03
Better to avoid the end of September for us - October - onwards certainly a highly probable!

23rd Aug 2010, 21:06
Fri 8 October would work for us :ok:

(Provided the leave book hasn't been nobbled during my days off)

23rd Aug 2010, 21:35
Oct 8, then?

Right. Who's in? Who fancies posh and who fancies simple? Gastro-pub? Michelin star? City centre or Shore?

I'll be the planning committee once I know who's interested.

west lakes
23rd Aug 2010, 21:38
Drink - Food - Drink!

23rd Aug 2010, 21:42
I'm in EDI 24-26 SEP (if you'll have me!) but it looks as if the 8th. October is going to be the final date.

23rd Aug 2010, 21:44
Given West Lakes' steer on the putative festivities, would geographically-coincident PPRuNers be content with a single-location event for the inaugural EDIbash? A decent central hostelry with acceptable food? Or alternatively, somewhere like Bar Roma where drink-food-drink is readily achieved?

23rd Aug 2010, 22:21
For myself, I spend so much time in the George St area that the Old Town version of events is immensely attractive.

23rd Aug 2010, 22:27
Seeing as how I started the idea with a PM suggestion to Magnus....

I'm very glad he's picked up the baton as "t'planning committee" :D

in Embra??

Nahh! you were on fire with yr post at 2100...

24th Aug 2010, 00:08
Looks like a runner to us!

24th Aug 2010, 20:27
Mr TB, does that you're going to do a runner afterwards? :E

No seriously, would be great to have good attendance for this one, maybe it should be re-posted/or copied to bashes?


Sorry Magnus....:O

24th Aug 2010, 23:13
Thats the Liverpool way of paying for your meal - the one by one exit via the toilets - then the last couple make a bolt for the door!

OK - you've had the feed - away you go!

29th Sep 2010, 11:30
Advocate 7pm October 8th suit everyone?

3rd Oct 2010, 21:08
A little more on this in the bash forum, for those who are interested.

7th Oct 2010, 09:44
One toddled round to Hunter Square yesterday to find that the Advocate is still there and licensed to sell alcofrolic beverages. I'm public-spirited that way.

From 7 tomorrow, then. <hic>

henry crun
7th Oct 2010, 09:51
Everyone in a suit MagnusP ? I thought the the dress for these affairs is informal. :)

BAMRA wake up
7th Oct 2010, 10:21
For myself, I spend so much time in the George St area that the Old Town version of events is immensely attractive.

Stockpicker, I've posted this before and make no apologies for posting it again!


7th Oct 2010, 12:14
Mr Crun, sir, the intention is informal but, as I work about 3 minutes walk away, if I can't be @rsed going home first, I'll be pin-striped. :\

7th Oct 2010, 12:16
What happened to 'Dress Down Fridays'? ;)

7th Oct 2010, 12:30
Doesn't happen in the Court of Session. It's more dress-up-everydays. :(

7th Oct 2010, 13:07
I thought I was going to be in EDI but unfortunately the timing was wrong. Enjoy the bash and drown a dram or three for me!

7th Oct 2010, 14:09
Capetonian: thanks for that; sorry you won't be around, but we'll undoubtedly toast absent friends.

7th Oct 2010, 20:14
Same here - Sat arvo would have been a shoe in! Apologies on this one

7th Oct 2010, 22:24
Where and when is the start point for this?

I may come along for a wee while. How will you be identifying yourselves ?

7th Oct 2010, 22:36
Sorry folks but due to No 2 child paying a fleeting visit to the UK we'll be unable to come to play this weekend :{

However glasses will be raised to a good night for those who attend :p

7th Oct 2010, 22:52
Where and when is the start point for this?

Weell, y'see
See you around 7?

8th Oct 2010, 09:19
Yep. I'll be there at 7. Far end of the bar, rugby shirt & jeans, or just ask the staff.

I'll be the one making calf eyes at the slim blonde barmaid whose last shift it is this evening. :{

8th Oct 2010, 18:24
About to head out, and bringing Mr Picker too!

BAMRA, thanks so much for posting that, I'd not caught it before and it's great! :ok:

Lon More
8th Oct 2010, 18:45
Hoping a dood time is enjoyed by all and that no damage to either Scotland's legal or financial systems is caused by alcohol induced fuddling tomorrow

8th Oct 2010, 18:55
Isn't tomorrow Saturday? I am pretty certain the markets are closed. :ok:

Enjoy :E

Lon More
8th Oct 2010, 19:00
They are? Allah akhbar!!!

9th Oct 2010, 07:33
Mornin' peeps.

A most pleasant time was had yestereve with Stockie, MrSP and Mustpost finding their way to the pub. Sadly, I turned lightweight about 10, and had to head for home, but I'm sure the scene is set for future outings.

A number of mutual friends were discovered; small world, this PPRuNe thing!

Many thanks to those present; it was lovely to meet you folks, and to put faces to pseudonyms.