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Gentleman Jim
23rd Aug 2010, 15:35
I find it quite incredible that with over 1 million posts Jet Blast is treated with such disdain on PPRuNe. Four times as much traffic and posts as Rumours and News, three times as much traffic as the equally despised military forum. So what goes on Mods?

On a site that makes money from hits and traffic, just why is it that Jet Blast is so despised by the Mods (note Mods not Internet Brands)?

Any thread that requires even a hint of intellect and debating power is eventually closed down because it seems to either bore a Mod or offend their sensitivities, despite the fact in general we do a good job of self policing.

After recent lock downs we are left with threads about cats, dogs, birds, how to make a cup of builders tea, blah blah blah blah, and anything with the remotest hint of 'real world' feistyness about it is eventually binned. Any person that upsets a Mod is binned without due thought to the traffic that 'individual' directs here.

If PPRuNe really don't want the huge amount of traffic that is directed here by some fairly profound debates then please please just let me know and I will do whatever I can to alleviate you of your problem child Jet Blast, and will happily redirect the lot to a new site where Jet Blasters can find somewhere accurate to the description of the forum on the main page. If there is no desire for a constant continuous traffic of 200-500 people at any instant in time throughout a 24 hour period then we can take it else where.

A bit of feedback rather than just another lockdown may help. It seems that JB and Mil are two forums with a huge amount of posts, therefore generating a large requirement of Modding. Now, it strikes me that as Modding is done on behalf of internet Brands, and does not attract any form of re-numeration then maybe the high volume forums are too much work and nobody can be bothered. if so then it is a great disservice to those that spend millions of man hours contributing to the profits of Internet Brands.

Just a thought.

Any comments?

Lon More
23rd Aug 2010, 15:42
I will do whatever I can to alleviate you of your problem child Jet Blast, and will happily redirect the lot to a new site where Jet Blasters can find somewhere accurate to the description of the forum on the main page.

it has been done before, on one of those sites at least one of the Mods is fairly active, however they eventually all seem to go under.
Possibly the appeal here is that many are.have been active in aviation and read or contribute in various of the other forums?

23rd Aug 2010, 15:44
I've seen Ppruners circle the drain many times over the past ten years & I can assure you Jim, lately, you are showing all the signs.

23rd Aug 2010, 15:48
Jim, it is part of the mystique.

"I would never join a club that would have me as a member." Groucho Marx

(No, it was NOT Woody Allen)

Gentleman Jim
23rd Aug 2010, 15:53

I have watched the same over the same period of time. But I like the Buddhist way, death and re-birth, death and re-birth. Funny though, I expected from the southern hemisphere it would go around the drain in the other direction, but it doesn't!


They just don't have stars like that any more!

23rd Aug 2010, 16:00
Careful Jim. You're swimming in Mod Infested Waters.


Loose rivets
23rd Aug 2010, 16:02
I couldn't understand why my post about America's Got Tallant disappeared, but concluded old age must have played a part, and it never made it to the screen.

But then, another tread about Jackie Evancho seemed to be in full swing - when it was locked. I couldn't see any reason at all for the fairly serious discussion to suddenly end.

23rd Aug 2010, 16:04

23rd Aug 2010, 16:22
It is not despised, or treated with disdain!

It was set up by the original owners as one of the primary forums on this site. Throughout the lifetime of this site it has remained as a forum.

What you need to remember is that the site although open to anybody, is targetted at professional pilots. That in turn has expanded to include all sections of aviation professionals and indeed anybody else with an interest of aviation in all of its guises, or at least most of them.

Jetblast was always seen as a forum for humerous or irreverant content and for many of the things that were perhaps inappropriate to the main forums either in topic or content. The forum always came with a warning that readers might find some of the content offensive.

To an extent, you are correct in stating that the forum is self policing. In fact most of the forums are self policing in that the majority of contributors do, by and large, comply with the specific site rules and the less specific ideas of acceptability of conduct. Nevertheless there are sufficient individuals who feel that their own level of moderation should stretch these boundaries or break them completely, that there needs to be some policing in place. Even in a forum with a wider lattitude of acceptability, and perhaps especially so, that has proven to be the case.

The fact that a forum is popular and has a high "hit rate" is good, but it has to be remembered that this is still an aviation website. To that end the forum has to, whatever degree is decided, sit comfortably on a site directed to the core subject. Whilst membership and viewers are obviously important, it shouldn't be at the expense of what draws those members and viewers here in the first place.

I don't doubt that if we had a "porn' forum" it would be the busiest forum on the site and do great things for the "hit rate," but it really isn't in keeping with the reason d etre of the site, and of course such things are well catered for and better done elsewhere. The subject matter of the site will always to some extent limit its potential audience, although hopefully within that genre it will still continue to thrive and prosper.

Notwithstanding "Jetblasts" wider remit, there are many subjects that could just as easily be better discussed elsewhere, and no doubt in some cases the moderators would be wholly justified in wishing they were. The forum is part of an aviation site and not designed particularly to be a unique destination in its own right, even if a few people find it so.

Another point to bear in mind, is that moderation of this forum has been in existence for some considerable time now, and just as with the other forums, it comes in for criticism from time to time. However it exists to keep the forum within parameters, and to protect the site from the realities that it faces when a few people decide to overstep the mark. If somebody doesn't like it they can complain. That complaint will be read. If they are still unhappy they can either accept it, or indeed find or create another website better suited to their own beliefs and needs. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened, but the reality is that when they turn around and look they discover that everybody else hasn't followed them. Indeed in the very few cases when somebody has set up their own site, they quickly come to realize why the rules or moderation that they railed against so vocally, are necessary to protect themselves.

23rd Aug 2010, 16:22
IIRC, Jet Blast = exhaust. In terms of bandwidth, perhaps JB represents a carbon footprint slightly larger than optimal. Perhaps the mods are hoping to green up this section of the forum, and reduce the acid rain that occasionally falls here. ;)

But speaking of carbon, I learned a lot in the BP spill technical discussion thread. I'd hate not to have had that opportunity.

Pugilistic Animus
23rd Aug 2010, 16:26
but speaking of carbon, I learned a lot in the BP spill technical discussion thread. I'd hate not to have had that opportunity.Me to:8