View Full Version : Life Does Imitate Art!

23rd Aug 2010, 14:08
It does begin to seem to me that Life imitates Art!


Elmer Fudd: Got you, you wabbit stew, you.
Bugs Bunny: Look, Doc. Are you looking for trouble? I'm not a stewing rabbit. I'm a fricasseeing rabbit.
Elmer Fudd: Fwicasseeing wabbit?
Bugs Bunny: Have you got a fricasseeing rabbit license?
Elmer Fudd: Well, no. I...
Bugs Bunny: Do you happen to know what the penalty is for shooting a fricasseeing rabbit without a fricasseeing rabbit license?

23rd Aug 2010, 14:37
Where's his pants? Pervs everywhere these days, that bloody duck started it, wanderin round bare-arse naked.

23rd Aug 2010, 15:56
You started it...