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23rd Aug 2010, 11:12
Hi all,

I have a medium multi-crew jet type rating with no time on type (except base check). I've held the rating since March 2009. I renewed it in January 2010. The expiry date for the rating in my license is January 2011. My friend who flies the same type (A320) says the expiry date should've been March 2011 since I renewed it within 3 months of the original expiry date. I.e. I am allowed to have the rating validity period extend 12 months from the date of the original expiration.

I believe LASORS F4.3 talks about this situation and confirms my friends basic position. The issue I have is that the TRE who did the last sim check has over 10 years experience, literally signing these on a daily basis and he's of the opinion I only get 12 months from the date of the sim check.

Please let me know your thoughts.

24th Aug 2010, 10:58
"jet type rating with no time on type "

I think rather the people on this forum wonder why? Why? WHY?:ugh:

24th Aug 2010, 15:57
Bollocks! :ok:

And I'm one of those people who are wondering why WHY WHY???

(Time to grow up and move on that's why).

24th Aug 2010, 17:17
Validity of an Type Rating
If renewed no greater than 3 month before the expiry date of the rating the rating is valid to the date of the previous expiry date + 12 months. (ie the anniversary of the original date).
You are correct the guy who did your rating incorrect. He was probably confusing the UK rule that allows the rating to be valid to the end of the month in which the test was conducted as long as the pilot is employed in an AOC company and the test is being conducted by that same company. (A CAA sop to BA when JAR FCL's came in.) If not it is to the actual date, in your case some time in March. If you cannot get the guy to change your licence entry get any TRE to do it.

24th Aug 2010, 20:43
:} Superpilot :D Relax not my view, but just general the mood when someone put that up on these boards. TR + 0 hours, not to many that thinks that is the greatest idea on the boards.

And from your statement it seems to confirm this, not my personal view, I would love to have a TR, but with "some" hours would be better!

You know how it works here on these boards, it's envy, envy and more envy - if somebody has spent £xx.xxx and still don't have a job, it is unfortunate and it is hard!

Best of luck anyways :ok:

25th Aug 2010, 06:32
Thanks hawker

BD, the TR will pay off as some good things are (hopefully) around the corner for me!

Best of luck.

25th Aug 2010, 12:49
Agree "Superpilot" - the good times are soon coming back, I think next year we will start seeing some real movement again.:ok:

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