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23rd Aug 2010, 08:40
The lunacy of the actions of the US / TSA have been well documented on previous forums, but I make no apology for adding to them – has the World truly gone mad ?

My wife and I departed Los Angeles last Friday night, dutifully turning up for the flight with no more than the permitted one piece of cabin baggage weighing no more then 7Kg, plus one further " personal item " as permitted by the current regulations.

My one personal item was a laptop computer, which when place inside my cabin bag took the total weight over the magic 7Kg, so it was whipped in and out like a dogs’ dick at a fair at every check point, despite the fact that once on board, the effect on the total take-off weight of the Scairbus – 330 that we boarded was the same, inside the bag or out – so just what is the point ?

My wife had her 7kg cabin bag plus her handbag ( purse to the US female readers ) but on reaching the entrance to the first X-ray screening checkpoint, she was refused entry by the duty dragon on the grounds that the thin cotton pouch hanging around her neck, designed and purchased specifically for, and containing only her passport and boarding card, constituted a second item of "personal belongings"

She was told that if he wanted to continue her journey, the passport holder had to be " assimilated" with one or the other of her other "items", so she placed it into her handbag, which had to be unzipped and rezipped at every one of the multi passport / boading pass checks, totally negating the convenience of the device. (I have long since resorted to a " flying shirt " with voluminous pockets for that purpose )

As an American Citizen my wife will doubtless be returning, but whereas the US might like me to spend my tourist dollar to help restore their quavering economy, I don’t need this needless crap, so am considering my position for the future. I won’t miss this nonsense.

23rd Aug 2010, 08:58
Just another example showing good old common sense has finally been eradicated. :ugh:

Low Flier
23rd Aug 2010, 09:21

The Mods have intimated that they are currently imposing a new forum rule that thou shall not criticise the USA.

23rd Aug 2010, 10:48
Not quite.
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