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23rd Aug 2010, 07:35
What would your top 5 be?

And you can't say "Japanese Twins...."

I am looking for excuses to visit far away places around the world....

23rd Aug 2010, 07:51
A week in St. Maarten. Went there for a day on a cruise. I've been pretty lucky in life, done most things, can't think of much thats missing to be frank.:O If I haven't got most of it done by now, bearing in mind my age, then I haven't got it right!. Fortunately I got it right, and could happily die with a smile on my face, which is the whole point innit!!

23rd Aug 2010, 07:55
In order of preference,

1. Alpine express from Milan to Zurich

2. Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

3. Antarctic Cruise

4. Ayers Rock (Uluru)

5. Black Marlin Fishing off Lizard Island.

23rd Aug 2010, 08:09
Like JEM60 done most things but a never ending pint of Guinness would be nice.

23rd Aug 2010, 09:40
1. Alpine express from Milan to Zurich

Put a caveat on that.....on a snowy winter's morning..:}

23rd Aug 2010, 11:13
Alpine express from Milan to Zurich

Just done the Jungfraujoch - amazing. Never thought I'd ever get the chance to look down the north wall of the Eiger...

23rd Aug 2010, 11:18
Just don't lean out too far deadpan!!!

Ancient Observer
23rd Aug 2010, 11:48
Taj Mahal.
I've been there on my own when on business, and I'd now like to go back with SWMBO.

SMT Member
23rd Aug 2010, 12:50
1: Pilot a Spitfire, low-level over southern England
2: Drive a Ferrari F2008 on Spa
3: Drive a Bugatti Type 35 in Mille Miglia
4: Land on and take-off from an aircraft carrier, trap and cat style (don't want to pole it myself though, mainly for self-preservation purposes)
5: Shag Megan Fox, repeatedly

Pardon for the excessive aviation contents.

23rd Aug 2010, 12:57
SMT; I also detected excessive automotive content.

23rd Aug 2010, 13:06
I am looking for excuses

Why do you need an excuse? There's the airport...:)

23rd Aug 2010, 13:13
These are mainly train rides. I like choo-choos.

1) The Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok, thence ferry to Japan.

2) To follow in my Dad's footsteps, the little puffer train up to Darjeeling.

3) Across the Nullabor. Sydney to Perth.

4) Across the States. New York to LA, the northerly route.

5) To drive the Trans-American Highway -- well the bits that are driveable.

SMT Member
23rd Aug 2010, 13:14
It was down to a choice between Cameron Diaz and the Bugatti ;)

23rd Aug 2010, 14:31
1- Mentor a young person.

2- Contribute to a Gude Dog/Assist Dog project.

3- Participate in the "Make A Wish Come True" project for Terminally Ill Children.

4- Personally thank my friends for being so.

5- Take an Axe to some folks that have done me really dirty in the past.

23rd Aug 2010, 14:32
I've always fancied buying an old VW camper van and driving all the way to Moscow. Just for a laugh I'd abandon it on the drop-off zone at Sheremetyevo.

23rd Aug 2010, 14:40
Oddly enough, I'm on the verge of buying an old VW campervan. Although I plan to do it up & spend large amounts of time sitting in sunny fields, drinking.

23rd Aug 2010, 15:04
1. Move with the Mrs. to St. Thomas USVI
2. Own a charter boat (on St. Thomas of course)
3. Own a Villa (on St. Thomas of course)
4. Open a brewery of my own (on St. Thomas of course)
5. Own my own beach (on St. Thomas of course)

23rd Aug 2010, 15:05
1. Make peace with those whom I've upset.
2. See the bits of Burma where my father served with the RAF in WW2.
3. Take my Mum on a cruise of the Norwegian fjords.
4. Opera at La Scala.
5. Relocate to Italy to finish off.

If I'm allowed #6, it would be once, JUST ONCE to get the tone that Steve Vai manages for the first note of his guitar solo 3 minutes and 6 seconds into "The Silent Within".

Megan Fox was OK, but I wouldn't go back. :}

23rd Aug 2010, 15:08
we-ell. If I had a stupid amount of money I'd just like to book every seat on who-ever's 747 in every different name I can get out of the telephone directory then watch the expressions on the crew's faces as push out time approached as I sat there all alone.
Sometimes I can be so immature!
I'd also like to :mad: a good looking Japanese girl with big tits.

Tower Ranger
23rd Aug 2010, 15:30
1. Drive a 911 in the Porsche Cup at Spa
2. Race 125 in the North West 200
3. Do Carnaval in Brazil
4. Own an NR750
5. Receive an enormous anonymous donation to make the above possible!

23rd Aug 2010, 17:36

I departed Miami on a BA flight to London/LHR one Christmas Eve......and was exactly the only passenger on the flight using a B-747!

All it cost me was an ID-90 ticket price.....and was the finest BA flight I ever had!

Granted... the next day (Christmas Day)....was no where as much fun as a result of the hangover and lack of ground transportation.

Neptunus Rex
23rd Aug 2010, 18:05
Were you upgraded?

23rd Aug 2010, 18:17
My musings:

1. Ride a 130mph lap around the IOM TT course

2. Do 250+mph in a Bugatti Veyron

3. Fly a Harrier/AV8 mission from an aircraft carrier

4. Fly Concorde on a flight from JFK 31L to altitude at Mach 2 then back to a manual Canarsie approach to 13L with a 30kt crosswind from the right

5. Just to fit in, you understand ;), have a threesome with Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, to feel like Brad Pitt for a night:ok:

In reality, I would change any and all of the above to bring my parents back from the hereafter and to spend a few hours in their company to chew the cud.

23rd Aug 2010, 18:23
Up graded.....not actually.....just given my choice of seats....but suggested I join the party in the upper deck! It was a party too!

23rd Aug 2010, 19:22
1. Spend a week (or two) in Ireland traveling about, most likely on bicycle.

2. Pilgrimage on foot to Santiago de Compostela (route to be a two week trek if I plan it correctly)

3. A week in Tahiti with my one and only

4. Take my son to do a walking tour of the Custer Battlefield, followed by a boat trip up the Missouri Breaks. A trip of that general theme was nixed by the missus ... not getting into it ... but I still want my son to see that bit of our history, and frontier.

5. In the ridiculous fantasy department ... spend a weekend on Kuai with Maria Sharapova when she suddenly feels all nymphomaniac-like regarding myself. I mean, what lady wouldn't? :hmm::rolleyes:;) Odds are that would kill me, given that she's a world class athlete and I am not a young man anymore ... might need to start eating oysters now ...

23rd Aug 2010, 19:57
I've often pondered what would be the catalyst for activities such as the above?

A lottery jackpot win might help, or maybe the knowledge that your life would end on a specified date?

At what stage do you decide 'it's now or never'?

There must be some members who have the financial means to achieve some of their top 5 things to do - but what do you do then for the rest of your life? Isn't ambition self-destructive?

23rd Aug 2010, 20:46
Very good point.
What is left?. I'm still fit, today I swum my fastest ever mile at 40mins 50 secs, my wife is younger and beautiful, but my ambition is foundering!!. I am not a sightseer, done much cruising, flown powered, gliders, skydived, safari'd. Orient Expressed, Concorded etc. But I have a lot of life left [I hope] and I need, without exhausting funds, to find something to focus on, rather than sitting on far-flung beaches with my reflective sunglasses on!!.. Believe me, I am not complaining, I just feel that I am possibly losing my way a little. At the moment, I'm trying to make myself into a better ballroom dancer, been trying for four years, but not challenging Anton Du Beke yet!!.I have had only four passions in life;- Aeroplanes, Sunshine, Motor Racing, and Pretty Women. Can't find another one!

23rd Aug 2010, 21:15
JEM60: Great post, and great points.

I guess that, like many here, my bucket list targets are mainly achievable with the simple application of funds. Take Mum to Fjords? Easy. La Scala? Doing it 2012. Retire to expire contentedly in Veneto? Planned. Making peace, and visiting Dad's Burma locations might be trickier. :uhoh:

If I was looking at ambitious, unlikely bucket list items, they'd include:
1. Playing a set at the Minack. Ann Marie Calhoun on violin would be a plus.
2. Involves AMC from item 1. Closely. And stickily.
3. Dinner with Harold Wilson who, although much reviled in modern historical circles, was a remarkably astute politician and did much to fire my interest in politics.
4. #2. Again. And again.
5. Concorde.

23rd Aug 2010, 21:19
See my daughter leave a decent university with a decent degree, then walk her down the aisle.

That would honestly do me.:)

23rd Aug 2010, 21:28
The two best events in my life:-

The birth of my daughter.

Giving her away at her wedding.

(the latter was particularly rewarding as she is now part of another family that treasures her as much as I did)

23rd Aug 2010, 21:29
There is an excellent short story called "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band" by Stephen King.

The story is supposed to horrify the reader by contemplating what would happen were he or she to arrive in the town of Rock and Roll Heaven, USA.

Personally, I can't think of anything better !

(Another slice of that pie, Janice please..)

24th Aug 2010, 02:05
1. Attend the last night of the Proms.
2. Be at Wimbledon to watch the mens final on centre court
3. Go for a ride on the space shuttle
4. Climb Mont Blanc
5. Build a succesful network marketing business
6. Be the guest on Desert Island Discs!

I've often pondered what would be the catalyst for activities such as the above?

A lottery jackpot win might help, or maybe the knowledge that your life would end on a specified date?

At what stage do you decide 'it's now or never'?

There must be some members who have the financial means to achieve some of their top 5 things to do - but what do you do then for the rest of your life? Isn't ambition self-destructive?

Good points GCPTN! Why wait for a catalyst? Do it NOW - at the end of your life you'll regret the things you haven't done rather than the things you have done! In life the journey is the destination. Ever achieved a goal and thought "Now what?" - Success without fulfillment is failure (in my book). Lastly a Mark Twain quote I love:-

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

24th Aug 2010, 02:13
Eating blueberries and lobsters in Maine!

Check! :ok: :ok:

Enjoy a sunset, a sunrise, stars, the moon, comets, and so much more. :D

24th Aug 2010, 08:07
Rock and Roll Heaven:

(Another slice of that pie, Janice please..)

OFSO: would that be custard pie?

24th Aug 2010, 08:25
Firefly Bob is right. Reading my previous posts, it might come across that I am well off. This is not so!!. I didn't have what I would call a 'nice car' for example, until I was 60!! I have a modest life style, am comfortable, but not rich. I had a 'bucket list' from a very early age, and worked very hard in my own little business in order to achieve the things that my wife and I felt were important to us. Having two daughters and two granddaughters was a huge gift, and agree with CPTN on his comments.
If you study brochures etc., carefully, once one has the laddish things like the flying ambitions out of the way, it is surprising how little dosh is necessary to have a good life style.
I have been on five star cruises, but cannot stand pretentious people, so am more happy on a 3 star cruise. The places you visit are the same, the people are generally nicer and more fun loving, and, of course, it's cheaper. Going to the Taj Mahal etc., as other posters have put in their list need not cost the earth. Doing your own thing is important in life, and ambitions vary greatly. It so happens that what I posted were mine.

24th Aug 2010, 11:29
OFSO: would that be custard pie?

No, Magnus, it was cherry pie.

I'd rather have had another little piece of her heart.

RIP, Janice.

24th Aug 2010, 12:02
OFSO: apologies for any insensitivity; I thought it was a rock'n'roll allusion.

24th Aug 2010, 12:12
AFAICT Janice Nicholls is still alive . . .

Are you mourning a different Janice, OFSO?

24th Aug 2010, 12:30
Joplin, Me & Bobby Magee

24th Aug 2010, 13:10
Ah! . . . :cool:

24th Aug 2010, 17:07
1. S**g Karen Gillan repeatedly
2. Fly an English Electric (BAC) Lightning
3. S**g Kiera Knightly repeatedly
4. Fly a Merlin engined Spitfire
5. S**g Karen Gillan AND Kiera Knightly repeatedly
6. Fly a Griffon engined Spitfire.

:E :E :E :E :E :E

galaxy flyer
25th Aug 2010, 01:56

I take it you like classic RR-powered fighters.