View Full Version : Qantaslink Grounds Q400s Again!

Doctor Smith
20th Aug 2010, 01:43
Heard on the grapevine that at least 6 are grounded with undercarriage cracks again.
Many flights canx today.

Ohhhh, the pain......the pain......

Capn Bloggs
20th Aug 2010, 02:36
Obviously the boat drivers aren't good enough. We need ship drivers! :}

20th Aug 2010, 03:58
ow well... does this mean 737s to POM?:ok:

20th Aug 2010, 09:09
So both E170's and Q400's are crap we now await the arrival of the ATR's:D

20th Aug 2010, 09:49
I wouldn't say their crap, there flying cash registers.

20th Aug 2010, 21:50
there flying cash registers

That all depends whether there or should that be they're well patronised.

But seriously, yes they are very efficient TEGGUN.

Mr. Hat
20th Aug 2010, 22:28
So is it rumour or fact? 6 grounded is pretty serious stuff.

Going Nowhere
21st Aug 2010, 03:29
Apparently -QOC,E,F,I,J so far.

21st Aug 2010, 04:29
Is this off an AD or just from something they've found internally?

21st Aug 2010, 06:56
Its an AD from Bombardier

YSSY sider
21st Aug 2010, 10:02
Statement on QantasLink Q400 Aircraft
Sydney, 21 August 2010

Qantas said today that five Bombardier Q400 aircraft operated by its regional airline QantasLink had been temporarily removed from service following an inspection by the airline of a main landing gear component.

Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alan Joyce, said the inspections, and subsequent action, were initiated by Qantas following incidents experienced by another Q400 operator overseas and after discussions with the manufacturer.

"Our approach to this issue, which requires the replacement of a main landing gear fitting component, is consistent with Qantas' proactive, conservative and safety-first approach to every part of its operations," Mr Joyce said.

"The issue is not an immediate flight safety concern, but does need to be rectified before each aircraft can return to service.

"We have full confidence in the Q400, and the other 16 aircraft in the fleet remain in service."

Mr Joyce said the rectification work would be done with the close involvement of Bombardier and take around seven days for each aircraft.

He said QantasLink was cancelling some of its Sydney-Canberra Q400 services as the best way to manage the impact of the situation across the QantasLink network, and passengers were being accommodated on next available flights.

"We regret any inconvenience this situation may cause, but are confident our customers will appreciate our approach. Everything is being done to minimise any impact on them," Mr Joyce said.

"Where a customer's booking needs to be changed, we are contacting them regarding alternative options.

"On the Sydney-Canberra route, Qantas is operating supplementary jet flights and using larger aircraft where possible.

"We will closely monitor the situation and make further schedule changes as necessary, in the short term and as the five aircraft return to service. Qantas will advise the travelling public of these changes if, and when, they are made."

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (5011)
Email: [email protected]

About Qantas - Media Room - Media Releases (http://www.qantas.com.au/regions/dyn/au/publicaffairs/details?ArticleID=2010/aug10/5011)

"The issue is not an immediate flight safety concern, but does need to be rectified before each aircraft can return to service.:ugh:

21st Aug 2010, 11:13
This is what happens when you engineer an aircraft to a price. How many years is it now, and they are still having to sort the landing gear...

I worked for a large Q400 operator and they were a technical disaster... lightly built and fragile. The early ones had to be returned to the factory for a three-month "re-manufacturing" program after it was discovered that the forward upper fuselage structure wasn't strong enough to support itself without warping.

The way of the future I guess... at least there won't be many old airframes about in years to come.

Captain Stoobing
22nd Aug 2010, 08:04
No offence intended to Daewoo drivers,


Are these things really up to flying high cycles, for 12+ years for the Qantas Group? We have seen so far a grounding over 2.5 years ago for a similar undercarriage problem, the engines requiring an intermediate speed cruise schedule to ensure the A-- end doesn't burn out of the engine, NL restrictions placarded until a mod was done and now this next undercarriage issue.

I am led to believe, from high within, there is a chance these aircraft could be out of the air for upto 20+ weeks awaiting rectification from Bombardier.

AND now we order 7 more of these things.:D I know they make money, but are they the machine that got Eastern, Sunstate and Southern to be where they are today........and more importantly will they take us where we need to go tomorrow and into the future??

22nd Aug 2010, 15:36
The newer ones seem to be better, certainly if you read the blurb and look at the production cut in for the fixes.

I don't know, I was never awesome enough to get a Q400 course at QF but we just got our first one in the land of the unexpected and according to the brochure they are a bit better these days.

Who knows, the cabin looks purty at night with the accent led lighting though.

Wing Root
25th Aug 2010, 03:33
Looks like Alliance is back. Brisbane - Rocky fllights in an F100 coming up. Jet-like speed! :ok:

26th Aug 2010, 09:50
7 out of 8 services canceled in/ out of ADL/PLO today