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20th Aug 2010, 00:16
From today's Australia aviation section, obviously lobbying by Dick Smith ( and not just on ATC matters) has had some effect/

Liberals break policy silence on air strategy

Steve Creedy, Aviation writer
From: The Australian (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/)
August 20, 2010 12:00AM

AUSTRALIA would be established as a global leader in flight training.

There would be a review of incentives to replace ageing aircraft and regional aviation subsidies would be preserved under an 11th-hour Coalition transport policy released yesterday.
The low-key release by opposition transport spokesman Warren Truss came as the major parties this week finally engaged in a skirmish on aviation issues after largely ignoring them throughout the campaign.
The Coalition policy was short on detail and, in a nod to a campaign being waged by aviator Dick Smith, included a promise to seek international advice and conduct a review on the best way to deploy radar and its use by air traffic control.
Background checks for the Aviation Security Identification Card would be strengthened and accelerated and the Coalition would also ensure increased transparency in the budget process for the passenger movement charge (PMC). This would include ensuring it was spent on Customs, immigration and quarantine, with the amount raised disclosed in the budget process.
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Airlines have long complained that they have no way of telling where proceeds from the PMC end up and have voiced suspicions that it goes into general revenue. Labor has denied Coalition claims it is preparing to increase the PMC to fund biosecurity measures.
The Coalition said it would maintain the En-Route Charges Scheme for regional carriers and the Remote Air Service Subsidy Scheme.
On pilot training, it would appoint a trade representative, who would be tasked, along with the Australian Trade Commission, with promoting Australia's pilot services globally. It has also promised to work towards ensuring trainees studying for a commercial pilots licence could get commonwealth loan assistance.
But Transport Minister Anthony Albanese accused opposition of having virtually no policy.
"The Coalition's last-minute transport statement isn't a policy and it's a barely even a press release," he said.
The government is pointing to the white paper, which it worked on for 20 months and prompted 600 submissions, as the basis of its policy. It says it has already implemented 36 of the 134 policy initiatives, including the appointment of noise ombudsman, additional funding for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, protecting regional airline slots at Sydney airport and amending the list of items prohibited on aircraft.
Mr Albanese said priorities in a second term would include implementing an aviation security package announced in February to improve enhanced cargo screening, passenger screening, policing at airports and more bomb detection dogs.
It would reintroduce legislation aimed at improving airport planning and community consultation, finalise industry complaint handling charters and the appointment of an industry ombudsman, and ensure disability access plans were completed.
Also on the agenda would be the finalising of CASA's "long overdue" regulatory reform, a joint taskforce report on Sydney's second airport and tightened airport security. The timing of the statements meant reaction was patchy, but the Regional Aviation Association of Australia said it was encouraged by Coalition's commitment to continue the En-Route Charges Scheme and plans to revitalise the General Aviation Action Agenda.
It also liked the commitment to review tax arrangements related to new aircraft purchases, the move to promote flying training and expanded loan assistance for trainee pilots.
But RAAA chief executive Paul Tyrell said: "The RAAA found it quite unbelievable that with only 48 hours to go, aviation transport issues had been ignored by the two major parties."
Mr Smith, who has been pushing for greater government action on promoting local aviation training for two decades, said the move to promote Australia globally had a staggering potential.
"It's up to $100 million a year in export dollars," he said. " Most of the training goes to the US at the moment whereas the weather here and the airports we have with no traffic . . . are just brilliant."
The Aerial Agriculture Association of Australia welcomed the Coalition policy.

20th Aug 2010, 00:27
Well, Dick ...

"It's up to $100 million a year in export dollars," he said. " Most of the training goes to the US at the moment whereas the weather here and the airports we have with no traffic . . . are just brilliant."

...with the pressure to turn many GA airports into shopping malls and housing estates, where are all these pilots going to train?

P.S. Just read that Cambridge Airport has just met this very fate!

20th Aug 2010, 02:22
One day some one will explain to the Minister for Sydney Airport and Bad Brown Suits that there is more to Aviation than Sydney Airport and Airport security, then again maybe not, Labour has always regarded the industry as full of well do liberal voters and nothing has changed since the fiasco in - dare I say it 1989 when the Labour PM Hawke aided and abetted by Keating set out to smash the union representing pilots and put us all back thirty years and the rest.

Albanese is a goose and is merely a factional heavyweight beholden to and part of the Sydney Sussex Street clique that has so beautifully managed NSW into the ground and has now shifted to Canberra to continue the good work.

Dear oh dear and Albanese has the hide to acuse the Libs of not having an aviation policy. As for the white paper well they inherited that as well and done absolutely nothing just have to look at the last Budget, except hand more money to private security firms and airport owners, CASA and pay lip service to the rest of the industry.

If they were really serious they would once and for all put CASA in its place, give the industry international standard regulations and get CASA off the backs of the real industry and ensure that they cannot wreck anymore aviation businesses or participants lives. Then they might turn their attention to the issue of the dissappearing facilities and airports throughout Australia. As for pilot training, well CASA and others have done their best to screw various entrepreneurs and start ups for years so it is hardly surprising this is going down the gurgler as well. Until then nothing will ever change.