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19th Aug 2010, 17:35
Airports are inevitably "in-between" places, full of people trying to get somewhere else. Many cities are now trying to make airports into destinations unto themselves -- although good architecture often does little to improve the traveling experience. We talk with architect and columnist Roger Lewis about what works and what doesn't in airport design.

Shaping the City with Roger Lewis | The Kojo Nnamdi Show (http://thekojonnamdishow.org/shows/2010-08-19/shaping-city-roger-lewis)

19th Aug 2010, 18:00
Haven't they already got one in France (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nice_C%C3%B4te_d'Azur_Airport)?

20th Aug 2010, 10:12
I wouldn't say ANY airport is nice, but Nice Cote d'Azur isn't that bad. More pleasant security people than Heathrow, and an engaging habit of fetching out more security people and opening more gates when the queues start to build up.

20th Aug 2010, 11:42

The terminal is arranged so that hardly anyone has to walk length-wise along this Hall. The ticket counters are on the balcony. One uses the escalators / lifts or stairs and walks across the hall between the ticket counter and the entrances to the short gate concourses. That is why it seems so empty even though almost 20 million pax use it each year. The moving walkways to the Metro station and parking garage are on the main level of the Hall. The wall of windows overlooks the airfield.

Cesar Pelli, the architect of this newish terminal, was faced with a very narrow site between the runways and main roads.

[edited to add] The airport has its homey moments. I recall perhaps a decade ago seeing a young fellow just outside the entrance to the "banjo" terminal at the south end of the airport. He was lying on the grass in the shade of a small tree, propped up on his back-pack reading a book. Not what one expects at a major-city airport.

It's [Ronald Reagan] Washington National Airport KDCA. The airport was 57 years old by the time Mr. R's name was prepended.