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19th Aug 2010, 13:15
I think this has been done before but have any new collective nouns for professions, especially new professions, been coined lately? Here are some I made earlier at home:


a grumble of farmers

a define integer of IT professionals

a menu of website designers

a hive of call centre hosts

a sackful of lower division football team managers

an eggbox of SLF

19th Aug 2010, 13:18
A wunch of bankers . . .

Gentleman Jim
19th Aug 2010, 13:28
A Trolley of Cabin Crew

A Misery of Mods

( :eek:F40, both of the above are jokes, honest)

A Houchin of Start Crew
A Squabble of Jet Blaster's

But I do like a G-CPTN's a 'Wunch' :}

tony draper
19th Aug 2010, 13:29
A Slither of Politicians.
A Desperation of B List Celebs.
A Flounce of TV Presenters.
A Vacantness of Super Models

19th Aug 2010, 13:41
A pretension of architects

G&T ice n slice
19th Aug 2010, 13:44
a cesspool of lawyers
a bore of accountants

19th Aug 2010, 13:46
A thicket of Army officers. (Trad, Eng.,RAF).

19th Aug 2010, 13:48
A mince of air stewards.

19th Aug 2010, 13:48
a misery of ground zero mosque planners.

<sorry. Couldn't help it>

Gentleman Jim
19th Aug 2010, 14:08

Sorry to correct your collective noun old chap but I think that should be 'a corruption of Ground Zero Mosque Planners'

19th Aug 2010, 14:20

Your term is much more applicable than mine. I like it! :ok:

19th Aug 2010, 14:24
A rack of radio technicians.

19th Aug 2010, 14:25
A suspicion of Customs officers
An boredom of teenagers
A hypocrisy of socialists

19th Aug 2010, 14:27
A haggle of rug merchants.

Senior Paper Monitor
19th Aug 2010, 14:27
A wealth of financial advisers

19th Aug 2010, 14:29
A bangle of pyrotechnicians.

19th Aug 2010, 14:32
A tumble of gyroscope maintainers.

19th Aug 2010, 14:34
A collection of drug and alcohol screening personnel.

19th Aug 2010, 14:36
A zigzag of NYC cab drivers.

19th Aug 2010, 14:38
A groan of pun makers.

19th Aug 2010, 14:40
An outrage of hotel noise makers.

19th Aug 2010, 14:45
A debauch of rock musicians

A disarray of England footballers

A mendacity of politicians

An evasion of spin doctors

19th Aug 2010, 14:46
A line of coke addicts.

19th Aug 2010, 14:46
A gaggle of Gerrymanders
A snort of DeLoreans

19th Aug 2010, 15:01
a watch of ATCs

a sample of statisticians

a /*correction*/ of pedants

19th Aug 2010, 15:09
a flight of pilots?

19th Aug 2010, 15:10
A 33 of revs

19th Aug 2010, 15:12
A Fritz of strudel makers.

A crunch of auto body shop owners.

A spritz of hair stylists.

A target of satirists.

A cloud of SKY news reporters.

19th Aug 2010, 15:27
A dither of blonds.

19th Aug 2010, 15:33
From early days in the IT business:-

A loop of programmers.
An indecision of analysts.
An abscence of managers.


A lay of punchgirls.

19th Aug 2010, 15:38
A bounce of basketball players.

A bowl of cricket players.

A drive of golphers.

19th Aug 2010, 15:41
A confrontation of labor organizations.

A bullet of bald men.

A rifle of pick pockets.

A cacophony of hotel maids.

Krystal n chips
19th Aug 2010, 15:57
A retardation of Sun readers and reporters

A malignance of Daily Mail readers and reporters

An effluence of Conservative politicians

19th Aug 2010, 16:03
A haggle of rug merchants.

Shouldn't that be a syrup of rug merchants?

Um... lifting...
19th Aug 2010, 16:03
A collective of helicopter pilots.

A ratchet of mechanics.

An inconclusion of economists.

A sleuth of detectives.

19th Aug 2010, 16:05
A swoop of flag sellers.

A solemnity of undertakers.

A preach of vicars.

19th Aug 2010, 16:09
A short shift of ATCOs
An excellence of engineers
A school of peadophiles

19th Aug 2010, 16:30
A plot of novelists.

A string of mountain climbers.

A concoction of bar tenders.

A belly of beer drinkers.

A navel of gazers.

A heel of bread bakers.

19th Aug 2010, 16:47
A drip of social workers.

Dr Jekyll
19th Aug 2010, 16:49
A jam of tarts.

Um... lifting...
19th Aug 2010, 16:54
A coma of anaesthesiologists.

Lon More
19th Aug 2010, 16:55
a bumwipe of Conservative politicians
a ceilidh of SMPs
a rogering of prostitutes
an immoderation of Mods
a teuchter of Highlanders
a flock of Welshmen (baaaa!)
a stupidity of Republicans
an overdose of druggies
an inflation of Englishmen

19th Aug 2010, 17:09
a define integer of IT professionals

nearer :

a gaggle of geeks

for 'techies'

19th Aug 2010, 17:21
A doze of Public Broadcasting radio and tv hosts.

Rather be Gardening
19th Aug 2010, 17:29
A trough of New Liebour politicians (oink)
A spadeful of gardeners
A thermos of trainspotters
A wobble of Weightwatchers

19th Aug 2010, 17:33
a lot of car parks
a coma of trainspotters
a choo of hayfever sufferers

Loose rivets
19th Aug 2010, 17:41
A Ass of law professors.

19th Aug 2010, 18:00
A slick of car salesmen
A whiff of street people
A herd of mutes (sorry...)

Lastly, as a Canadian who is not a monarchist, might I suggest
a flush of royals...

green granite
19th Aug 2010, 18:09
An Autolycus of Trabbists

tony draper
19th Aug 2010, 18:23
Hey! there be nowt wrong wi us Trainspotters.:=

19th Aug 2010, 19:42
A 42 of answers

Neptunus Rex
19th Aug 2010, 20:07
A banned of BASSA Trolls

19th Aug 2010, 20:13
A swatch of Interior Designers
A gargle of Dentists
A flux of Plumbers
A squawk of Air Traffic Controllers
A palette of Painters

19th Aug 2010, 20:44
a bedfull of newly-weds

Chesty Morgan
19th Aug 2010, 20:47
A Sole of obnoxious footwear traders.

20th Aug 2010, 02:26
a stick of fashion models.

and, instead of it being a measure of whiskey, "finger" should clearly be used to describe a group of proctologists...

Barksdale Boy
20th Aug 2010, 02:34
A giggle of co-pilots

20th Aug 2010, 03:14
a stall full of gays

a slab of morticians

a oija board of physcians

a crap shoot of gamblers

a donout hole box of cops

Loose rivets
20th Aug 2010, 03:37
A probability of Particle Physicists.

20th Aug 2010, 06:54
A thread of Engineers

B Fraser
20th Aug 2010, 06:59
A confusion of managers

A balance of accountants

A cloud or shower of meteorologists

A fluff of marketeers

A fib of estate agents

A row of oarsmen

20th Aug 2010, 07:21
A bevvy of Tarmen :}

20th Aug 2010, 07:29
A collapse of stock brokers
An error of journalists
A pyot of Grauniad typesetters
An exasperation of Helpdesk staff
A thrush of cold callers
A simpering of Breakfast TV presenters
An *apology of former cabinet ministers

*one lives in hope...

20th Aug 2010, 07:35
A camp of avionic engineers..

20th Aug 2010, 07:42
A volume of librarians.

20th Aug 2010, 07:46
A clot of phlebotomists.

A clod of politicians.

A flood of plumbers.

A knob of doormen.

20th Aug 2010, 08:27
A Joke of Police.

A Lie of politicians.

20th Aug 2010, 11:20
A reluctance of conscripts

A goggle of beers

20th Aug 2010, 11:40
An orphanage of referees..

20th Aug 2010, 11:41
A senile of Judges

20th Aug 2010, 11:47
A whine of airline pilots.:p

20th Aug 2010, 12:01
Sorry, but Air Traffickers have have always congregated in Holds.....

Burnt Fishtrousers
20th Aug 2010, 12:58
A "Whinge" of Scotsmen
A "TAF" of aviation meteorologists
A "Pedant" of PPruners ;)
A "Thrush" of Gynocologists
A "Sqwauk" of Human Rights Activists
An "Excuse" or PR Spokespersons
An "Arrogance" of footballers
An "Extortion" of Solicitors
A "Wreckless" of Investment Bankers
A "Bannatyne" of Bank lenders
An "Non Presence" of Policemen
A "Pointlessness" Health and Safety officials
A "Jovial" of Scousers

Art Smass
25th Aug 2010, 02:17
an "idiocy" of Councillors
a "depression" of Liverpool supporters:{
a "deportation" of Australians:suspect:

25th Aug 2010, 05:54
From early days in the IT business:-

A loop of programmers.

Surely a compilation of programmers ?

They would be an assembled group of individual statements afterall, no ?

25th Aug 2010, 07:27
Its a schematic of avionic engineers, lgweng

and a FIM of team leaders... ;)

25th Aug 2010, 09:55
It should be a"Flounce" of Avionic Eng's. Bunch of Fairies they are.

Arm out the window
25th Aug 2010, 10:20
A shitload of sewerage workers

A pile of proctologists

25th Aug 2010, 11:22
A flush of WCs (Wing Commanders)

25th Aug 2010, 11:55
A concentration of Stress Engineers

25th Aug 2010, 12:57
Coneheads norm, we're called coneheads. Fairies are radar men on account of their electrocuted hand arm badges.


...an inspiration of coneheads?

25th Aug 2010, 16:20
an inspiration of coneheads

Hmmmm. I wonder. Surely that should be: "a pointy of coneheads"?

As for lawyers, that one must be obvious: "An unappreciated of lawyers".

25th Aug 2010, 16:24
A denial of Members of Parliament.

Ancient Observer
25th Aug 2010, 16:35
A friend of mine knows all there is to know, (mathematically - PhD and post-doc) about flows over surfaces. A nice Aerospace Company sponsored his Imperial time.
As he puts it "rocket science I can do"..............He actually understands all this fuss about Olympic swimsuits.

(Regretably he doesn't now work in Aviation - he tried to get funding for airflow over cricket balls, but the sponsors weren't so keen on that, so he's now a struggling folk singer).

What one earth is the collective for folk like that?

25th Aug 2010, 16:37
A Mumble of Folk Singers??

Loose rivets
25th Aug 2010, 16:57
A Manifold of Spacetime Physicists.

A Curvature Relativity Professors.

25th Aug 2010, 17:15
A screech of feminists?

After an excellent landing etc...

25th Aug 2010, 20:05
A preponderance of Hospital Administrators.

Senior Paper Monitor
25th Aug 2010, 20:12
Nah - its a 'trough of MPs' Mr Firestorm

Senior Paper Monitor
25th Aug 2010, 20:14
and a 'hatch of nit nurses'

Not that I've just spent the evening debugging the granddaughter !!

25th Aug 2010, 21:22
An erection of scaffolders

A mother of truckers

26th Aug 2010, 09:38
A tintinabulation of campanologists...

26th Aug 2010, 11:24
An expletive of Tourettes sufferers.

26th Aug 2010, 11:46
A heart of goldsmiths. :O

26th Aug 2010, 18:46
A screw of hookers

26th Aug 2010, 18:55
A Perimeter of Spotters (Not really a job)

A Baluster of Stair Builders

26th Aug 2010, 19:23
A binge of drinkers

A fix of addicts

26th Aug 2010, 19:37
A 'bolsh' of helicopter crewmen.


Pugilistic Animus
26th Aug 2010, 19:49
What one earth is the collective for folk like that?

a flux of fluid/aerodynamcists

or a grad, curl, divergence--thereof

Juliet Sierra Papa
26th Aug 2010, 19:56
A blast of seamen. :E

OK OK I Know that word doesn't exist but...

26th Aug 2010, 19:57
A wave of sailors?

26th Aug 2010, 20:08
A paint of ratings

26th Aug 2010, 20:15
A whip of jockeys

26th Aug 2010, 20:43
A bowl of racehorses

(racing as a 'pet food industry'...)

26th Aug 2010, 20:46
A Frequency of Radio Announcers

A Urethra of Urologists