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19th Aug 2010, 03:42
Well me boy WANTS. Must admit its well built anyone ever owned one ?

19th Aug 2010, 03:48
s-i-l had one that I got to play with occasionally.

No major problems.

Fun to drive but I'd be concerned about local maintenance and parts support.

19th Aug 2010, 04:24
Bush Mechanics? :rolleyes:
Or Dick Turpin Motors?

19th Aug 2010, 08:51
Sounds like the 9000 model. Full service history is a must. Engines are bomb proof, gear boxes less so but are still strong. Check that the gearstick doesn't jump out of first, second or reverse. Usual caveat emptor about rust, particularly door bottoms and rear wheel arches. Parts supply is no problem, plenty of stuff on the bay to keep it going. Your local non franchised dealer is your friend.
As for performance....
They aren't built to take off like a scalded cat from a standing start, their forte is overtaking performance and the mid range acceleration is staggering. Few cars will keep up with an Aero from 45-75 especially the 2.3 version. They can be a bit on the thirsty side if hooned around but will do 31-33 on a motorway cruise. I can tell you from experience if anyone hits you in one they will come off worse.
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20th Aug 2010, 05:14
TY Phil. Strangely like Mr Cooda my SIL had one as well.
She totaled a large passenger bus in Perth and drove it away.

20th Aug 2010, 05:27

You sure we're not related? :eek: