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Gentleman Jim
18th Aug 2010, 18:24
I find this a truly staggering example of the talent that exists in the world.
Great Britain gave the world Susan Boyle, but America, always known for bigger and better, actually goes smaller and better. An utter diamond. You can be forgiven for thinking it must be a lip sync but it's not. Enjoy. This little girl is just 10 years old, and began singing 2 years ago.


18th Aug 2010, 18:30
Sorry to bust your bubble Jim but she's already been found out. Lip syncing is what she does best.

18th Aug 2010, 18:33
And besides, we haven't had the good grace to apologise for Susan Boyle yet.

18th Aug 2010, 18:36
Lip syncing is what she does best.Link please.

18th Aug 2010, 18:43
Nuthin' up her sleeve...? How could she pull off lip synching in that environment?

Gentleman Jim
18th Aug 2010, 18:45

Noooooooooooooooo! My bubble will explode not burst. As sitigeltfel says, link please! That would involve the program, the producers, the judges. They may as well stop screening now if it's true.

The breathing, the vibration of the lip, can only be done if singing. I can't find any media backing up your claim rgb1, many ask the question, but I am ready and waiting for you to enlighten us;)

18th Aug 2010, 18:47
From Wikipedia:

Evancho has performed onstage with producer David Foster,[6] was an invited performer on the PBS Special "Celebrate America" with conductor/composer Tim Janis,[7] sang the National Anthem at an event honoring aviation pioneer General Chuck Yeager,[8], as well as preforming the anthem to start Pittsburgh Pirates games at PNC Park.[9] At the invitation of Pennsylvania Senator Jane Orie, Jackie has also preformed.[10] Jackie also performs at numerous events and charity functions in and around her hometown.[11]
She competed in the 15th U.S.A. World Showcase Talent Competition in early 2009, which took place in Las Vegas and the winner receives $100,000 and the opportunity to create a demo CD.[12]
"She is just truly blessed with a voice that's phenomenal", says classical-crossover composer/conductor Tim Janis, who is including Evancho in his American Christmas Carol show (Dec. 2, 2010) at Carnegie Hall in New York City.[13][14] She will be the youngest female vocal soloist ever to have performed there.[15]

18th Aug 2010, 18:49
I also "discovered" her a week ago and was astounded. She is not miming in that clip, you can clearly hear her sharp breath intakes between the singing.
Please tell me this is for real and not a scam.

18th Aug 2010, 18:51
Mea culpa Jim, and others. My bad. I was reading about some young Chinese singer who was found out about her lip syncing thinking it was Ms. Evancho.

Apologies. Jim, your bubble is intact!

tony draper
18th Aug 2010, 18:54
The voice sounds positively freakish coming from a wee sprog like that,if the allegation is true it would not surprise me, those type of progs epitomise the sleezy and phoney nature of popular television these days,if that is her own voice I apologise but it still sounds weird to me.

Gentleman Jim
18th Aug 2010, 19:03


Just to satisfy you she can sing without the distraction of background music. In many ways this is even better! Two years ago aged 8!!!


green granite
18th Aug 2010, 19:13
Lot better than their previous one ............................................................ ............................................................ ............................................................ ........

Shirley Temple. :yuk:

18th Aug 2010, 19:20
That young lady has a whole world of opportunity ahead of her......as long as she doesnt turn into a Britney :oh:

wings folded
18th Aug 2010, 20:27
I have no idea whether it is faked or not, so let us presume for now that this little girl has a talent for singing.

I find something deeply depressing, however, about projecting onto such a young child all the pressures which this kind of exposure must entail.

With sensitive training and coaching of the voice, she may have the potential to be an absolutely staggering world class opera singer (of which America has produced one or two).

She could enthrall millions, nay, more than that, over a steady career, with an increasing repertoire.

But she also needs to grow up normally, without the pressures of sensational television.

She would bring even greater sensitivity to some of the most demanding roles in opera if she was allowed to become a young adult without all this rigmarole.

The way things are shaping, she runs a risk of being burned out precociously.

Let the little bugger mature into a great operatic singer.

Would do us all good.

Gentleman Jim
18th Aug 2010, 20:55

Wise words!

Jimmy Macintosh
18th Aug 2010, 21:11
The premise reminds me of another very talented young singer...

Charlotte Church, unfortunately she went down hill fast...(in my opinion)

Loose rivets
18th Aug 2010, 21:56
Unusually for me, I came straight out from watching her sing and posted about the show in general. For reasons I can't fathom, the post was deleted.

What I said in brief, was that she needed to reach the high notes by the use of her young voice, but some of the lower range demonstrated a huge potential. I very much hope that she can meld these two ranges into the more mature voice.

To compare her with Charlot Church is missing the point altogether. Jackie promises to be a world class singer.

This child has a mom that surrounds her with good instruments and serious software on big screens. A fraction of a tone off, and I bet Mum's on her case.

On the same show was an illusionist that shook the panel to the point of bringing the show to a standstill. Anyone else see him sawing at his neck with dental floss - just 4 feet away from the judges? I won't elaborate in case it was the reason the post was scrapped.

18th Aug 2010, 22:06
I did see that one, Loose Rivets. The judge was Howe Mendell.

I just love that little girl. I think tonight is another episode.