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18th Aug 2010, 13:13
good afternoon all.
last weekend my other half was housesitting for some freinds,on the friday evening after a 12hour shift she collected her niece who was staying with her,they decided to get a chinese takeaway for tea as mrs ph was to tired to cook.
they collected the food and the bill came to 8.35, she had the 35p in loose change and also a 20 note but instead of giving her 12 change the woman gave her 11 change and said there was a 1 charge for changeing a 20 note.
mrs ph say's because she was so tired she never gave it a thought until later.
on any other day the chinese woman would have been wearing the food and told where to stick her 1 charge.
my questions are is it legal to charge someone your giving change to like this?
and has anybody else had this done to them? is it a common practice?

cheers ph.

tony draper
18th Aug 2010, 13:19
No end to the scams thought up by business to rob the citizens of this country,we are not in fact citizens here, we are marks to be robbed with the full support of our Governments.

Lon More
18th Aug 2010, 13:27
Report it to Trading Standards and an anonymous phone call to Immigration

18th Aug 2010, 13:30
I suffered something somewhat similar just last week.

Went to the local package store (liquor store for those not in the great state of
Connecticrap) and bought some liquid goods. The total was $20.02

Not having the 2 pennies on me I gave the guy a $20 bill and a $5 bill thinking he'd say
the hell with the $5 bill.

Nope. My change was $4 and $.98

Now I know businesses are in it for many reasons including making a profit. That's fine. But $.02? Give me a break!

18th Aug 2010, 13:39
They can charge what they like for what they like. Vote with your feet.

18th Aug 2010, 13:55
You could charge them a quid for not letting your dog crap on their doorstep. :oh:

18th Aug 2010, 14:18
They were having a giraffe!

Trading Standards . . .

18th Aug 2010, 14:42
I would suggest that you "Find" something in the food.
That always causes a bit of a furore...
Especially little insecty things.

18th Aug 2010, 14:50
Finding things in food? We've done that on this side of the pond.

A woman conveniently found a chopped-off finger in her Burrito at some fast food
joint. Tried to sue the place (of course) due to the horror of it all, causing her much mental anguish, sleepless nights, etc.

Until she was found out. She had chopped off her own hubbies finger, who had obliged, so as to earn a bit of extra $$$$$. :eek:

18th Aug 2010, 14:53
So hubbie had a hand in it?

(well, at least, a finger . . . )

Was it his hole finger?

Curious Pax
18th Aug 2010, 14:56
Would the charge have applied if just the 20 note had been offered, rather than 20.35? If not I would just have withdrawn the offer of help (by providing some extra change - shops are often grateful for that) and paid with the 20. If it had then I would have left without the food and not paid, and done everything I could to spread the word.

18th Aug 2010, 14:56
Hole finger? (I'm not going near that one.)

I'll assume you meant whole finger. Nope, it was not. Wifey tactically removed it from the knuckle up.


Standard Noise
18th Aug 2010, 15:07
Thieving little f***ers! A 5% charge just for handing over payment for goods. Time to set the roaches free!

18th Aug 2010, 15:13
Time to set the roaches free!
Probably not necessary . . .

18th Aug 2010, 15:17
Time to set the roaches free? What do you think was in that Chinese takeaway?
(Aside from dog, cat, mice, lizard, pigeon, etc.)

18th Aug 2010, 15:21
thanks for the replies guy's.
ive been trying to ring the local tradeing standards office but it diverts to a mobile phone answering message service which wont accept messages:ugh:.
our friends live about 30miles from us so its not our local takeaway, we have used it before as have our friends, they are also going to contact tradeing standards.
this takeaway is in a smallish village so word will soon get around about this trick they are pulling.
if i was a vengeful person i might be tempted to ring in a large order and fail to collect it:E

18th Aug 2010, 15:23
Or ring in a very small order (say 2 egg rolls) and then pay for it with the largest
denomination bill you can lay your hands on!!!! :}

18th Aug 2010, 15:34
An acquaintance was annoyed by a pub owner.
Acquaintance was a 'successful businessman' and sought to teach the pub owner a lesson.

A group of us was commissioned to arrive at the pub at evening opening time (when pubs closed after lunch) for 'drinks on acquaintance'. Each person was given a large denomination note (20 - but this was in the 1960s) to buy their own drink. The intention was to drain the pub of change . . .

I don't think it worked (we left before anything happened) and I suspect that the pub owner was pleased to have his takings turned into large notes (a lot easier to handle than piles of small change) and his resources were greater than 'acquaintance's'.

tony draper
18th Aug 2010, 16:11
I remember I got a twenty in me pay packet the day they appeared and wandering from Pub to Pub trying to buy a pint and no buggah would change it, Landlady of the Wickham House did eventually and kept it for her laddie who apparently collected coins and notes,twere like being Gregory Peck wi that million pound note in Gateshead wi a twenty in those days.

18th Aug 2010, 16:15
Still the same in Gateshead innit???

tony draper
18th Aug 2010, 16:43
I remember when one could stay rat arsed for a fortnight on a twenty pound note.:)
Twenty pounds was about 230 pints of beer in 1964

18th Aug 2010, 16:55
Tony D:

20 GBP now is approx. $31.2 American.

Which would buy almost 2 twelve-packs of Spaten Lager, here in the U.S.

Each 12-pack contains 144 ounces of beer which is approx. 7.5 pints

Thus, 2 12-packs are approx. 15 pints.

15 pints is a bit different than 230 pints in 1964, eh?!!!

tony draper
18th Aug 2010, 17:06
Indeed,tell the yougins now an they wunt believe yer.:rolleyes:
Tuckers Special Draught Ale 1/10d in old money per pint it were,that's about 8p in this new fangled digital money.

18th Aug 2010, 18:23
Supermarkets sell beer at 'giveaway' prices (especially 'lager' beers - about 14p for 100ml) whilst pub prices vary according to region (and premises 'quality' - usually regionalised within towns- clubs with doormen will charge more than 'spit-and-sawdust' type pubs with working men's clubs even cheaper). 3 per pint (568ml) isn't unusual. That gives a variation of almost 4:1 (supermarket booze approx quarter of pub price).

TD's price of 8p (in a 1960s pub) is approaching 40:1.

OTOH, few people would be paid 1,000 per annum in the 1960s - it was what most aspired to . . .

Median current salary is 'around' 25,000 (apparently).
I wish.

18th Aug 2010, 18:54

Interesting. I had always assumed that the lower Supermarket pricing of suds was an American phenomena.

I guess not.

18th Aug 2010, 19:05
I cannot believe this. I would have asked for my 20 note back then threw the order at them telling them to stick it where the sun dont shine then gone home and called the local rag and reported it to them. That would have done their profit margin the power of good, the w:mad:s

18th Aug 2010, 19:33
....Each 12-pack contains 144 ounces of beer...

Can we vote on this?, Septics haven't a clue what Beer is.:p

18th Aug 2010, 19:35

I was writing about Spaten lager: my preferred lager. It is brewed and bottled in Munich, Germany. Where Real Beer is made.

Next question?

18th Aug 2010, 19:47
thats exactly what i said. and trust me if she wasn't so tired and caught off gaurd the mrs would have done the same.
thats what's upset her and pi**ed her off.
we wondered to ourselves if they do it to the regulars or just people they dont know,either way its a surefire way of losing customers.

mister hilter
18th Aug 2010, 23:02

have you thought about organising a dinner at your friends' place and inviting some other couples along (all with 1st friends' permission of course). Next, ring aforementioned chinese take away with a substantial order. Then - and here's the fark you - everyone raids their (or their kids' if need be) piggy banks, amassing the exact cost of the order in the smallest denomination coins you have. Put exact amount in plastic bag, pick up food (preferably before you hand over coins), hand over plastic bag then walk out with food leaving owner to count coins.

18th Aug 2010, 23:15
ha ha ha! were lovin that idea :D thank-you.

18th Aug 2010, 23:16
There's a problem with that plan. They can legally refuse to accept payment if it is in the form of excessive coinage.

The current maxima are:-
5 (post-1990 crown) unlimited
2 unlimited
1 unlimited
50p 10
25p (pre-1990 crown) 10
20p 10
10p 5
5p 5
2p 20p
1p 20p

It's unfair and greedy of them, not to mention annoying as a matter or principle, but it's only a pound. Hardly worth anyone upsetting themselves over.

18th Aug 2010, 23:16
To stop just that, in Australia the Currency Act 1965, prevents anyone having to accept low denominations in settlement of a debt in the following order:

* debts not exceeding 20 if 1 and/or 2 coins are offered;
* debts not exceeding $5 if any of 5, 10, 20 and 50 coins are offered;
* debts not exceeding 10 times the face value if coins in the range 50 to $10 inclusive are offered;
* to any value if face value is greater than $10 are offered.

mister hilter
18th Aug 2010, 23:30
SyllogismCheck & Checkboard

I thought there may be a slight technical problem with the plan, but that's why you take possession of the ordered food before handing over coins.
Also are Chinese immigrants likely to be aware of that law. (on reflection, they probably are if they try a trick like a quid surgharge for changing a 20)

18th Aug 2010, 23:37
Why not consider it part of a "tip" and move on. Or deduct it from the tip

18th Aug 2010, 23:38
i was going to add to my last post yes i know its only a pound and i guess its not worth getting wound up about in the grand scheme of things, but its just the cheek of it that grates.
we dont mind tipping for service but thats our choice if we wish to.
if you went to walmart would you be happy to be charged an extra $1 every time you paid with a $20 bill?

18th Aug 2010, 23:38
Sorry to go back a bit, but I'm just catching up here...

Was it his hole finger?

Is that the same finger as my platooon sergeant meant when he said "an' next, using your walkin' out finger, you ....." when teaching us how to deal with stoppages on a Bren gun?

18th Aug 2010, 23:47
Never (!) upset the staff of a Chinese restaurant.
The cooks have extremely sharp cleavers (that they use to finely slice the vegetables) and they aren't afraid to use them if necessary . . .

I would keep the retaliation to informing Trading Standards of your displeasure and allow them to take appropriate action against the Chinese folk.

19th Aug 2010, 00:10
I have it!

Take two mobile phones, both with speakerphone facility. Call the offending Chinese restaurant on one and place a decent size order. Quickly ring another random Chinese restaurant for which you have already dialed the number into the handset. Ask the offending restaurant to read back your order so you can confirm it's correct. Place handsets side by side and listen in. You now have a situation where the offending Chinese retaurant is placing a food order with another Chinese restaurant. As the conversation progresses it may get interesting as the two parties struggle to figure out what exactly is going on, both expecting to be taking an order but one apparently placing one and confusion mounting as to which one of them is the customer and which the vendor.

I can't quite imagine where it might go but I'd hope for a 'We're the Chinese restaurant. I'm taking your order' versus 'NO! We're a Chinese restaurant and I'm taking your order!' type stand off to develop.

Should give a smile you'd happily pay a pound for and big enough to compensate for their cheek.

A little unfair on the random Chinese restaurant to waste a few minutes of their time perhaps but, hey, pretty harmless nonetheless.

19th Aug 2010, 00:49
:) purplehelmet,
I understand your point. Walmart would never do such a crime as charge for the bill. They'd go out of business in no time in the US. Walgreen, CV-Farmacy, Target, etc be happy.
I do not take my busines there so not sure that's the case. Yet, no one as far as I know in the US will charge you for not having a change. Must be the English-British/Emmigrants surcharge.. :)

But, make sure you have extra $$ while shopping in the US since the prices you see advertized do not reflect the tax. Usually between 7%-11%.

Also, my choice is to always pay with the credit card. Always.

19th Aug 2010, 09:11
Charging you for change? I tried to book a flight to Venice with the orange outfit and they wanted to charge me for using a card. So I tried the "world's favourite airline" and, amazingly they tried it on as well. Hiow can they charge me for paying them? So, not to be outdone (oh naive moi) I went to Gatwick and booked direct at the sales desk clutching real money. The fare was quoted, agreed and then, "and there's a 5 service charge".
"What's the service charge for?"
""Booking the flights and printing the tickets".
WHAT! I actually wrote everything out for her on a piece of paper. Flight numbers, times, dates, origin and destination and names. All she had to do was print the tickets off, for this I get charged a fiver.
I can walk into Redhill railway station - or indeed any railway station - enquire about trains to Newcastle, decide which one to take, book seats and the tickets and get charged for just the tickets.
What a rip-off!

19th Aug 2010, 09:18
American Airlines makes a point of no booking fee.

If you took a BA flight that is code share with AA, could you book from the UK with AA and thus avoid the booking fee?

19th Aug 2010, 09:48
Phil - that sort of thing drives me bonkers. Totally bloody outrageous.

It's like RYR and their online check-in. You press all the buttons, you print the tickets out and they charge you a tenner (per pax) for doing so!! I really do think that all this bolleau should be included in the ticket price. The ticket price should be the price you pay for putting your bum on a plane seat.

19th Aug 2010, 10:35
Lon More
Agreed, should get some action.

19th Aug 2010, 12:06
Forgot to mention that on the orange mob's website they want to charge you for a suitcase - like I'm going to Venice for ten days wearing what I'm standing in! The really snivelling thing is that if you agree to pay you get charged for a suitcase per person rather than the option of having one between two, which is what we're doing. At least the "world's favourite airline" quote you an all-in price (apart from that b*&^dy booking fee) which, after factoring in the orange mob's works out to within a couple of squid the same.
Robin Barstewards!