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Bryn the Sheepdog
17th Aug 2010, 17:22
Hello all, I am hoping you can help me with some useful suggestions as to how to deal with a serious problem. Some of you mat have encountered a similar situation.
I have a lovely, old, proper wool Aran cardigan which the CHief Spoilsport knitted for her mum many years ago. It's made with proper wool and in spite of a couple of small, moth holes, is lovely and comfy. I have had this cardigan since I was taken to live with the CS at eight weeks old so it is a real treasure. It goes everywhere with me and I love to use it as a pillow when I am in the car as it can be adjusted to whatever position I like. It also smells wonderful. Or at least it did until last Saturday when the CS swanned off to Glasgow for a hard coffee-drinking session with some mates. :* I stayed at home with Jess, Finn-the-Fiend and their housekeeper. Before she departed the CS took my cardi out of the car and put it into the washing machine which she then turned on. You can hardly begin to imagine my horror at seeing my beloved cardi going round and round and round in some foul-smelling water and frothy stuff. After some time the machine stopped and Jess' housekeeper removed my cardi (along with other bits of my bedding) and hung it outside on the washing line. I tried desperately to remove it but she just moved it further out of my reach. I sat and watched it for hours and hours until it was dry once more and taken back inside the house.
It smells DREADFUL :{:{:{:{:{ How on earth can I restore it to its previous comfortably fragrant state? Better still, how can I ensure it never happens again? I will welcome all your suggestions.

(Suggestions as to what I should do with/to the CS will be particularly welcome). :E :E :E

Gentleman Jim
17th Aug 2010, 17:53
you are going to write these up in a book aren't you and try and sell them on here:rolleyes:

17th Aug 2010, 18:01
The root of the problem, Bryn, is that the CS is female.

All your perfectly reasonable logic and values count for nothing with that alien species.

Try smoking a pipe.

17th Aug 2010, 18:10
Cock your leg up it. :rolleyes:

green granite
17th Aug 2010, 18:38
Bryn, go and find a nice muck heap, go and roll in it for awhile and then go and snuggle down on your cardigan. :ok:

17th Aug 2010, 18:43

Piran Labradoodle, here at Batninth Towers, looked over my shoulder & saw your sorry tale of woe. He suggests that you do what he does, namely take the washing off the pile when Mrs Batninth (or the CS in your case) is trying to load it into the machine, and then run off with it. Alternatively take something else equally pongy, like socks or underpants, and run off with them instead as it makes a great game when you get chased.

He also says that if something does get put in the watery, soapy thing; then hung out above his play area, he finds coming in with wet paws (or better still wet fur) & tramping all over it usually makes it smell properly very quickly.

BTW - Piran asked me to ask you, Bryn, what your favourite flying magazine is? He particularly likes Microlight Flyer which he finds tears up into realy nice pieces all over the carpet.

Next time he can type this himself

Gentleman Jim
17th Aug 2010, 18:44
Green Granite
But if he is clever enough to log on and start the thread, then why has he not sussed that out about his cardigan?


(Suggestions as to what I should do with/to the CS will be particularly welcome).

This thread has a very uncomfortable feel to it.

17th Aug 2010, 18:51
This thread has a very uncomfortable feel to it.

Going to the dogs I'm afraid.

Cardinal Puff
17th Aug 2010, 20:18
Out here in Africa my mob would just go roll in a bit of cow dung or a rotting carcase but in your civilised neck of the woods I'm afraid you're stuck with weeing on it or tracking down an ex-badger for a good roll.

17th Aug 2010, 22:51
Do what Bandit and Pep and Daisy did - when someone sells their manorhouse get them to move in with Bobbie the old English pubdog, Chickie the little dog with the big eyes, and Flash - the Dalmation who does runners when everyone is world travelling or enjoying a weekend
away with friends

It will soon smell quite homely.


Tell Jess's mum that the little black convertible was in Largs a few days ago - not far from Prestwick - and it was a nice sail to Brodick on the sidewheeler

Bryn the Sheepdog
18th Aug 2010, 10:08
Hello again everyone. Thank you for all your suggestions so far some of them sound really good. :ok: I heard about Flash being very naughty Mr Frank - I hope he is learning to be better behaved now.
GJ - I have no intention of selling my story to anyone although bits of it may appear as a testimonial on the website of my favourite Dog Food. which I have eaten since I was a tiny puppy.
Your Eminence - no ex-badgers to be found around here, not even an ex-manky hedgehog. :(
Piran Labradoodle Batninth ( there's a posh name!) - I didn't get a chance to remove my cardi from the pile of washingm, the CS brought it in from the car and put it into that machine. :{ However - I am very good at removing socks and other items of underwear then running off with them. I find this is particularly effective if it is something which has just been washed and dried especially if it is a faourite item or one which is currently in short supply. It's also better if I have someone with whom I can play Shred-the-Sock as a very satisfying result can be obtained. Jess was fully competent in this by the time her owners returned from holiday. As for a favourite magazine, I have found that the most recent edition of something produces a really satisfying tearing sound when being shredded but for sheer inconvenience to the CS paper hankies or kitchen roll are best as it is less easy for her to hear them being shredded if I am in a different room and a couple of them make such huge amounts of very pretty confetti which can be extremely difficult to remove from carpet. :E
I'm off for a rest now before I have to travel home later today. I've got a sore dew claw where I split it on a rock whilst playing down on Barassie Beach yesterday evening. I supervised very carefully whilst the CS and Mr 10W tidied it up for me and it feels better this morning but I'm not going to tell them that as I get a small treat if I let them check that it is ok. :}

Gentleman Jim
18th Aug 2010, 10:39
whilst the CS and Mr 10W tidied it up for me

Please don't tell me that the sheepdog is a Mod:rolleyes:

green granite
18th Aug 2010, 11:00
Please don't tell me that the sheepdog is a Mod

Yep he checks the Forum for Doggerel. :E

Rather be Gardening
18th Aug 2010, 11:19
Hi Bryn,

Odin here. I have the same trouble with my CS. I even thought about phoning the RSPCA to report her, but she got cross when I drooled on the phone. I have found that a covert approach is best: I dab a bit of eau de fox behind my ears and then transfer the lovely fragrance to my blankie when she's not looking. Unfortunately, she has quite a keen sense of smell for a human, and tends to locate the source quite quickly. That's when Plan B kicks in. I take the blankie and hide it under some of the denser undergrowth until it starts turning green. Then I bring it indoors and hide it behind the sofa or under the kitchen units. We go through the "What's that musty smell? Something's gone mouldy" routine, and she has hours of fun emptying cupboards until she finds it.

PS. This works best if you have several blankies and can keep one or two marinading while the other is in the wash. Good luck, and I hope your poorly paw is better soon.

19th Aug 2010, 01:07
I smell a rat here, everyone knows you don't wash WOOL jumpers in a washing machine? (or you certainly don't do it more than once...)

19th Aug 2010, 09:19
Yes you do, if it's a Miele machine with a "delicates" cycle and you use Martha Gardner's Wool Mix.

OK; I AM a bit embarrassed to admit I know that . . .

23rd Aug 2010, 20:55
Bryn is moonlighting

BBC News - Sheepdog turns to herding ducks in Northumberland (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-11062955)

23rd Aug 2010, 21:25
Flash here, I'm not naughty I just don't like anyone who's not "my" people. I do like to run away with smelly/rotten things as it's just so much fun to hear my humans shouting "get back here you little [email protected]@rd." Although my Mum has got wise to this and knows now that I'll always come back if she waves a bowl of dog bisuits. I must learn a new trick.

The other dogs are asleep so can't give you advice Bryn, although I do know that chick likes to roll in [email protected], horse, goose, cow, whatever she can find and then try and get it into the house before she gets washed/hosed down. She doesn't achieve this very often. My people are big spoilsports.

I must just say that I do like living here, apart from getting bullied by a dog a third of my size, he shouts at me a lot and I don't like that. My people say I'm a big soft idiot.

23rd Aug 2010, 21:36
Tip the Jack Russell has a trick. He found out that clothes smell good after they've been worn by his human Mum or Dad. That's why he steals anything smelling Mummy or Daddy and takes it to his bed, especially when they're away on a flight:)

24th Aug 2010, 01:19
When you have lived in your own house for ten years and the only disturbances you have had have been JRT sized, it is a bit much when a big spotty dog moves in.

I mean - when offered a bowl, a quick "Bandit" yap makes Pep and Daisy remember who is top dog overall - even if they do keep having terrier moments amongst themselves. So Flashes and Bobbies also have to be kept in check. Chickie has lived around here too long to be kept in check so I just put up with her because she is a Harpurhey dog like me.

So - I have a settee in my own room while Dad Pprunes, and Mum edits Youtubes, and a bed in their room with one of their dressing gowns as a blanket.

I don't do smellies - I leave that for the terriers - but have never figured out how terriers are somehow self cleaning. Even when I have been in the pond I soon clean up - but I do dry out all fluffy - not at all like a back street Heinz 57 type of character. But that's how I came home on Christmas Eve ten years ago - no-one could bear to leave me in the Manchester Dogs Home overChristmas - besides - I like turkey too, and curry, and beer.

This was me last Christmas in the Ppruning room with Daisy and Pep making sure I wasn't disturbed


24th Aug 2010, 10:37
Flash again here.

I'm a good boy and I don't bother anyone, except my Dad at 10pm which as every self respecting spotty dog knows is walkies time. I like to have lots of cuddles and generally be left in peace. Take right now for instance I am curled up on the sofa, out of the rain making no noise and stealing no food. Mum Mum says I'm a dustbin on legs.