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Loose rivets
17th Aug 2010, 00:13
The pix in the first thread show the two vertical columns in on of these.


The four vast columns had steel reinforced planks extending out to hold the deck. 20+ people used to party on that unsupported structure. Now see the steel that must have been red hot.

Many a winter's evening spent by that fire. I studied for my American license up on this hill, many many years ago. Was as cold as Dundee, and that's saying something.





I'd always wondered how thick that beautiful stone floor was. Not very, but stood the test of time...'till now.


Loose rivets
17th Aug 2010, 06:14
She said that she'd not been able to look at it since it happened, and the Rivetess came along to comfort her sister. No need. She sat answering her phone, and making plans to rebuild, then planning dinner with someone. Then saying that people were offering to replace the trillion knickknacks that were vaporized. Who knows? I know I'll not see it finished.

It took several lorries and as many clutches to get those stones from the newly planned Canyon Lake. No more free stone, and I'd think very few of the existing would be safe to use. I think it's all compressed clay, quite hard, but not like flint or summit, and much of it is heat-cracked.

My loss? Mmm...I thought not, but it seems I was drawn in without knowing just be fore the strike- some lubricating of one deal or another. Fate. Had to happen. Few days later, there would have been nothing to lubricate. T/Vs, Cars, more T/Vs, everything just busts when I get near it. Just the odd house being blown to pieces is seemingly par for the course.

When the heck are those stars going to go out of alignment?:ugh:

Pugilistic Animus
17th Aug 2010, 21:09
Perhaps a rebuild out of concrete panels using a stone veneer from much of the existing stone ...those chimneys look rebuild-able with a good mason and since the structural strength of the masonry does not come it to play perhaps much more could be salvaged


Building Envelope Design Guide - Precast Concrete Wall Systems | Whole Building Design Guide (http://www.wbdg.org/design/env_wall_precast_concrete.php)

17th Aug 2010, 21:20
Well the bright side is that no one was killed or injured. That being said, it is still a terrible loss for your sister in law and the family. Glad they are already talking about rebuilding.

17th Aug 2010, 21:42
Had two fires four years ago - believed arson against someone on the farm - but the mind games it plays................ and yes - I saw ball lightning blow an oak tree to smithereens at the age eight - Oh Yes - it exists - and I sure could run then!

If the will and the insurance is there - go for it and rebuild.

It will never be the same - but it will erase that vision of destruction

Loose rivets
18th Aug 2010, 03:03
I spent so much time there I often wondered how I would remodel it if I owned it. It would have been difficult, the sheer lack of usable space on the four and a half acres was a major factor.

The compressed clay is fairly light, and I wonder how a structure containing a much higher percentage of concrete would fair, bearing in mind the foundations were probably just guesswork based on years of amateur building in rural Texas. I'd always had a liking for pretend stone, a mixture of very white concrete and glistening seashells. Very, very good in the heat, but very heavy. Looks very smart, but not very natural.

The real problem is getting up the one mile of Naked Indian Trail. Some of the bends are a challenge in a normal car.

BTW, Naked Indian comes from the appearance of a tree that's prevalent on that road.

I'm not sure about rebuilding a house that has been burnt down. We watched one burn in Frinton late one night. I had the uneasy feeling that I'd never want to live in it, but it looks lovely now. Just one of those creepy feelings.

18th Aug 2010, 09:58
They do say that lightning never strikes twice in the same spot Loose Rivets.... But there did seem to be a lot of metal in the original design.

Hopefully, when it is rebuilt, it will appear to be a different house and designed in such a way that it will deal with the possibility of future strikes more efficiently, and that will result in you feeling more at ease, and therefore give you the ability to create yet more wonderful memories there. :)

18th Aug 2010, 12:24

Forgive my seeming ignorance, or perhaps I missed it, but what caused this?

18th Aug 2010, 13:33

18th Aug 2010, 13:54
Frightening. And condolences to loose rivets and family for the loss of what appeared to be a most beautiful home.

Time for me to research this ball lightening thingie.

18th Aug 2010, 13:56
Search for 'lightning (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_lightning)' rather than lightening . . .

18th Aug 2010, 13:58
Lightning? Ah yes.

Perhaps you might search for "whole finger" instead of "hole finger", eh?!!!!! :}

18th Aug 2010, 14:00
Nononono. Ball lightening is correct. One thoroughly enjoys lightening ones . . .

Oh, never mind. :E

18th Aug 2010, 14:01
Perhaps you might search for "whole finger" instead of "hole finger", eh?!!!!!That was an intentional 'mis-spelling' . . . :E

Egads - the chap is right! :- Ball Lightening (http://www.paranormality.com/ball_lightening.shtml)

18th Aug 2010, 15:07
Ball lightning went right through my living room in Scotland about thirty years ago just after dusk. We were sitting there while it happened. It didn't move quickly but gave us time to stand up from the sofa in front of the main window as it came straight towards us, about five feet above the floor. I stepped one way and she stepped the other way and it went between us and straight out through the glass window which had been behind us! It continued, perhaps slightly accelerated, across the front garden, crossing a burn before continuing towards the hill in front of the house and disappearing beyond it towards the Clyde. It was all amazingly calm and left absolutely no trace of its passing. I don't even remember a smell or a sound. Amazing.... It was before I had taken up drink too!

Having posted this I saw C-CPTN's link and, yes, it was bigger than a tennis ball but smaller than a football. It simply continued in more or less a straight line, even once out through the glass.

18th Aug 2010, 15:20
It was before I had taken up drink too!

Immediately before you took up drink, perhaps? :p