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14th Aug 2010, 18:23
Having difficulty finding definitions on the following TAF segments:

1) ... T33/1421Z T24/1411Z LIMITED METWATCH 1411 TIL 1415
What is: "T33", "T24" & Limited Metwatch? - Seeing these only in the final lines of various TAFs.

2) Similarly: "AUTOMATED SENSOR METWATCH 1410 TIL 1415" - Anybody have more detail on this?

3) Metar: "RMK EPO" - What is "EPO"? - This was taken from an Alaska metar where I saw other entries like : "EST PASS CLSD" Maybe EPO means "East Pass Open" meaning the mountain pass to the East is open? Please confirm.

That's it for now.

SA Brit
14th Aug 2010, 22:42
I'll have a go...

T33 T24 are, i believe the temperatures at the given times on the 14th.

The "AUTOMATED SENSOR METWATCH 1410 TIL 1415", is simply as it says, an automated collection, ie, at an un-manned field,

The others i'm not sure.

15th Aug 2010, 14:41
EPO = Eastern Pacific Oscillation, which is an upper wind system.

EST PASS CLSD = East of PASS area is Closed due to the prevailing weather conditions. PASS probably stands for a mountain range pass, as Alaska is renowned for this type of ground features.

Good luck.

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