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14th Aug 2010, 04:51
See your life expectancy.:eek: I got 94 !

Living To 100 Life Expectancy Calculator (http://calculator.livingto100.com/calculator)

Gentleman Jim
14th Aug 2010, 05:56
I dare not do it, it will tell me I should have popped my cloggs 10 years ago ;)

14th Aug 2010, 07:43
84, and I was reasonably honest. I can live with that!

green granite
14th Aug 2010, 08:08
83, which, with my COPD, would be amazing.

14th Aug 2010, 09:01
87, unless, as the doc said at my first ever pilot's medical, I am shot by a jealous husband first.


14th Aug 2010, 09:27

Better than I expected!!

14th Aug 2010, 10:38
68 not long left for me.

14th Aug 2010, 11:13
97. Can't believe it !

Didn't see the question which relates to my philosophy: think healthy, be healthy, and avoid doctors like the plague with three exceptions - have an annual dental check-up, an annual eye check-up, and have every suspicious 'thing' growing on the skin removed immediately (I'm fair skinned and live in a hot sunny country).

Otherwise enjoy a worry-free life: wine, good food, pretty girls and no Ferrrari in the garage.....

14th Aug 2010, 11:17
It seems I died last year :)

Bruce Wayne
14th Aug 2010, 11:18

Though Mallan, the A31/hog's back will probably get you first !

14th Aug 2010, 11:23
87, which means I've got 50 to go. Sweet.

Lance Murdoch
14th Aug 2010, 12:12
87 years, another 52 to go then (steps outside and gets hit by a bus).

14th Aug 2010, 12:14
92, same as my Dad when he departed.

This does allow of a few years yet for a new challenge. Current projected schemes are to:
(a) take up a new area of practice, possibly pro bono for the widow, the orphan, and the refugee, and become a Thorn in the Flesh of the Establishment;
(b) approach CUSO re Good Works Overseas (if they have openings in a spider-free zone);
(c) go back to university, but to study what? I do have reservations: I enrolled in one quasi-law seminar recently, but I dropped out. The professor was not well-read and a tad stupid with it ... pleasant enough fellow, all the same. The intellectual level was of the kindergarten. When I ventured that probably they could get along just fine without me, his face lit up with joy. One chick regretted my going, which gave me a charge until she confessed I was just like her dear old (now deceased) grandfather. She had been fond of him. Still, que voulez-vous?;
(d) go to Divinity school with a view to ordination and a rural see in some Christian-oriented but heresy-tolerant denomination. My problems here arise from having actually read the Westminster and some other Confessions of Faith, my disbelief in the Trinity, the Apostles' Creed or any other, really, and my assessment that that while John Henry Cardinal Newman may have been sharp as a tack and did indeed clean the clock of the Rev Charles Kingsley, I think he was a pretty odd bird with it ... in more ways than one. Maybe I should be looking at Unitarianism;
(e) become a second Charlie Parker, but there is all that counting and hoping to end at the same time as the others. This calls for a whole lot of practice;
(f) apprentice to a night watchman, maybe one of those with the snappy uniform;
(g) suggestions; vacancies?

14th Aug 2010, 12:44
90 - which seems pretty good, compared to the results above. Might take up smoking again, then. ;)

14th Aug 2010, 13:54
Davaar - I did the Theology Degree thing after retiring from gainful employ in the motor industry. I chose a course with a very broad remit and a selection of interesting "characters" as the tutors etc.

I earned the displeasure of the course director at the graduation ceremony, when I was asked what I thought of the course. I replied "Fun!". The desired answer was "Stimulating" (I could agree with that), and "Gave me transferable skills" (no idea what that was supposed to mean).

Cardinal Newman was a "character", as were many of the theologians of the time. The one who most impresses me is Dietrich Bonhoeffer, although I've not become a Lutheran.

But my first, and abiding interest is Isaiah. There is more wisdom and insight in that book than can be mined in a lifetime.

So the life expectancy of 94 may just allow me time to do the PhD on Isaiah...

14th Aug 2010, 14:10
Here I am Lord with my expected 28 years; send me!

Sorry Keef, couldn't resist it. (Isaiah 6. 8. 8)

14th Aug 2010, 14:34
Bleedin 'ell! 96........I don't know that I want to live that long but if I do please let me remain mentally healthy. :}

14th Aug 2010, 14:35
98 yrs but without any nooky for the last 40

Impress to inflate
14th Aug 2010, 14:51
92, bugger me, the poor kids have got me for a while, poor sods !

I did one of these things a few years ago and one question was "How many daughter have you got" If three or more add, 7 years.

I had better start putting more money away for a long rainy day then

14th Aug 2010, 15:34
88, which is a surprise to me.
Mind you, I was surprised this morning when I woke up again!

14th Aug 2010, 15:43
80. I'll believe it when I see it. Or not...

Always assuming we make it to the fourteenth b'ak'tun :ooh:

14th Aug 2010, 16:18
Oh-oh.... :sad:

I've apparently triggered some type of a software upset.

According to the results, I've been "un-born".

surely not
14th Aug 2010, 16:39
86...........which means 32 years to go. Seems a good age to get to and should give a reasonable chance of not being too senile or immobile when my clogs pop.

14th Aug 2010, 19:19
Didn't see any questions leading to my preferred way of death: shot by a jealous husband while climbing out of his wife's bedroom window at the age of 97......

14th Aug 2010, 21:18
I can see the children hiring a hit man....

14th Aug 2010, 21:54
What's the point in you old codgers doing this test when the majority of you are all past your three score and ten, hmm?:confused:

I can tell you your fortune...just don't plan too far ahead.:p

Oops! Did I hear someone kick the bucket?:E

14th Aug 2010, 23:09
What's the point in you old codgers doing this test when the majority of you are all past your three score and ten, hmm?

What can I say, I'm a born optimist. :p

14th Aug 2010, 23:11
I feel your pain, Bubba!:ok:

15th Aug 2010, 01:12
Oh carp - I got 95. I don't want to annoy the world for that long - I'm tired already, dammit :}

15th Aug 2010, 02:43
The true sign will be when your Doctor tells you "Don't buy any green bananas."

Tyres O'Flaherty
15th Aug 2010, 15:09
84. That's gotta be a joke. Can't see that happening with my bad booze habits

15th Aug 2010, 15:13
At what age should we stop posting on PPRuNe:confused: