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14th Aug 2010, 01:22
What do PPRuners think?


14th Aug 2010, 01:44
Well... paw paws... erm...

14th Aug 2010, 01:48

Your summation says it all!


14th Aug 2010, 02:58
The guy, Donald Sutherland, is a great actor - under-appreciated in my opinion. Look at Klute, and The Eye Of The Needle. Sure, he might smoke a bit of dope, and write his own lines...)

14th Aug 2010, 04:04
Wasn't Sutherland in the original film version of M.A.S.H.? and I definitely saw him in one where he was a German spy pretending to be Irish, in England, set during WW2, can't remember the name of the film though.

14th Aug 2010, 05:59
I think he was in the M.A.S.H. film. The German spy one was 'The Eye Of The Needle' - a brilliant film right down to the last scene.

Um... lifting...
14th Aug 2010, 06:06
Sutherland was Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H, the film. Had he been cast in the follow-on TV series, it would doubtless have been different (and probably shorter-running, due to more risk-taking by Sutherland)

tu chan go
14th Aug 2010, 07:12
parabellum - I think you are referring to The Eagle Has Landed in which he played Irishman Liam Devlin.

14th Aug 2010, 08:55
tu chan go: I think his character in both films was pretty similar. He is always great to watch though.

14th Aug 2010, 09:07
Nope - it's definitely The Eye Of The Needle, tcg.

Eye of the Needle is a World War II spy thriller from the Ken Follett bestseller of the same name. Donald Sutherland is "the Needle," a German spy in England bearing critical information on Allied invasion plans that he must deliver personally to the Führer.

He did play an Irishman in The Eagle Has Landed though.

Radl recruits Liam Devlin (Donald Sutherland), a member of the IRA lecturing at a Berlin university, to the mission.

Sutherland was pretty good in a psychological thriller called Don't Look Now, with Julie Christie. Actually any film with Julie Christie in it makes the grade.

14th Aug 2010, 10:24
He was good as the nutter in "Backdraft" as well:

YouTube - Backdraft (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpSIp7c7Cdk)

What did you do to the little girl, Ronald?
I burned her.
What do you do to old ladies, Ronald?
Burn them.
What do you want to do to the whole world?
Burn it all!


14th Aug 2010, 16:51

"I wish they wouldn't land those things here while we're playing golf."

Just saw it again last evening.

14th Aug 2010, 17:02
Just totally Brilliant!!!
Nothing more to add...