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13th Apr 2001, 22:57
Flight Safety Boeing, the contractor for Korean simulators.
What is the deal with these guys? How many sim. Instructor do they need? They have been looking for people since 1998 utilizing all the employment agencies through out the world. What is behind the curtain? I have heard rumors that some of their own people "Permanent employee" in Seattle had to resign and reemploy again through the employment agencies, why is that?
Maybe to dodge IRS as independent brokers which exclude flight safety from paying it's
governmental employment obligations? I made inquires to couple of the agencies, their
response weren't satisfactory and the terms of employment had quiet a few precarious
I have also heard that few months ago one of the project manages in Korea was
threatened by the Korean Crew in his hotel room after a failed check ride at the sim. And consequently he changed the assessment because of the fear to his life. He had to resign a few weeks after and run for his
life. Appreciate some inside information, I have been retired a few months now and I just
can't sit still, the bug is bugging