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22 Degree Halo
12th Aug 2010, 22:35
No, it's not a gun.


tony draper
12th Aug 2010, 22:46
Enough to power 1000 houses?,that's one or two decent sized housing estates,they need to stop pissing about with these toys and start building real power stations, nuclear ones or even coal fired, urgently, or your kiddies are going to grow up living by candle light.

Buster Hyman
12th Aug 2010, 23:04
"It slices, it dices, and comes with a set of steak knives..."

tony draper
12th Aug 2010, 23:10
Anybody how much power does the average house uses? the TV report said it generated one megawatt, enough for a thousand houses, by my calculation that's one killowatt per household,that seems a bit skimpy to me, that means I can only have one bar on me electric fire and have to turn the buggah orf altogether when I fire up me Stratocaster.
At least the tides are reliable which is more than can be said of the wind which is supposed to drive those six useless wind turbines on the hill to the west of me.

13th Aug 2010, 03:31
your kiddies are going to grow up living by candle light.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

13th Aug 2010, 04:36
You wont get me up in one of those!

13th Aug 2010, 06:01
So that's how they recycle crashed Boeing Ospreys! :rolleyes:

13th Aug 2010, 07:14
If we closed all the power stations and switched over to windturbines, no-one in the UK would live more than 800 yards away from one. If at the same time we eliminated oil powered cars and went for electric only, the radius comes down to 400 yards. Now, tell me that wouldn't be an environmental disaster.

blue up
13th Aug 2010, 07:23
Anyone bored enough to calculate how many wind turbines it takes to generate enough electickery in a year to manufacture a wind turbine?

Obviously you'd have to be reeeealy bored

13th Aug 2010, 07:27
...or an old elecktrickerist fiddling with his slide rule. ;)

13th Aug 2010, 07:28
The answer is 42.

13th Aug 2010, 07:40
a good read, without the hype. Doesn't look good for the wind turbine;


Unfortuantely, as most politicians (and Al Gore) appear to be illiterate, the people who should be reading it, won't.

13th Aug 2010, 07:42
Is it coming or going?

13th Aug 2010, 08:35
I assume the output figures that get quoted for wind turbines are the theoretical max , but what do they actually deliver 30-40% of max?
I live in the thames Valley we often get very cold spells with little or no wind !

Dan Gerous
13th Aug 2010, 09:45
Brilliant idea, you turn one, it provides electrickery to turn the other. It in turn creates a wind to turn the first. No need to bother with that pesky thermodynamics rule thingy. Hurrah, the world is saved. Time for the tree huggers to find another cause celebre.

tony draper
13th Aug 2010, 09:48
I think the MOD has already objected to that thing at the top because sitting on the bottom of the ogan it may disrupt their sonar.:E

13th Aug 2010, 12:56
Anybody how much power does the average house uses? the TV report said it generated one megawatt, enough for a thousand houses, by my calculation that's one killowatt per household,that seems a bit skimpy to me, that means I can only have one bar on me electric fire and have to turn the buggah orf altogether when I fire up me Stratocaster.

A quick skulk around Googleland gives me a figure of 4,800kWh per year from

Home energy sources (http://www.carbonindependent.org/sources_home_energy.htm)

Obviously this varies from house to house, as reports range from 3MWh/y for small apartments to over 7MWh/y for large houses so if we say 4.5-4.8MWh/y then we'll be pretty much in the area of the average.

Windy Militant
13th Aug 2010, 13:09
Mr D may I bring to your attention that this is a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine. That's why it has two propellors, one for Flow t'other for Ebb
Those of an observant nature will spot that the blades are a bit thick and stumpy for a wind turbine.;)
Whoops should have read the whole thread as it would appear that you've already spotted that.

13th Aug 2010, 13:15
I wonder if they have realised the danger of electricity in water?

tony draper
13th Aug 2010, 13:18
Dunno how they are going to oil the bearing when the buggah is sitting two hundred feet below the surface, dont think they have thought this through.:(
Then we have the barnacle problem

13th Aug 2010, 13:26
Then we have the barnacle problem
What's Bill been doing now?

13th Aug 2010, 13:33
Here it is:

Atlantis Resources testing biggest tidal turbine in the world next year Renewbl renewable energy blog (http://www.renewbl.com/2009/12/07/atlantis-resources-testing-biggest-tidal-turbine-in-the-world-next-year.html)


It looks as though in use the propellors/impellers/waterscrews (?) are offset 110 deg compared with the original pic.

Rather than have one for ebb and one for flow (which seems inefficient), if the props have variable pitch, would they change pitch to maximise rpm for the water flow? Or would they be fixed pitch and reverse rotation with ebb and flow? I'm no engineer, obviously.

13th Aug 2010, 14:25
I would imagine that the 'propellers' are independent of each other. With them being opposite pitch I suppose that each would rotate when the current is 'favourable' and the rotation is translated through to the generator (with the other being held by a one-way clutch).
Of course, my suggestion is merely speculation - I haven't seen details yet.

13th Aug 2010, 14:33
Could be. The offset implies that they're both working at once, doesn't it? I wonder if they're on a conveyer belt.

SMT Member
13th Aug 2010, 14:34
Seems pretty clever, at least as long as the Moon keeps on doing it's bit of going round and round and round and, well, round, there will be tides and thus those thingies will keep spinning.

As for barnacles, lubrication etc. This species of ours have sent men to the Moon, landed rovers on Mars and is about to land a sattelite on a comet. I'm fairly certain it's not outside the realms of possibilty for a clever science bod or two to overcome those issues.

Whether or not it's economically feasible at this point in time is debateable, but since the price of energy is bound to go up sooner rather than later, there will come a time when these inventions will be cheaper than oil. And we all have to start at one point, better to get the research in sooner than later and then sell the things, at grossly inflated prices of course, to formerly oil producing nations.

In short, I'm finding it a brilliant idea. Then again, I'm not a grumpy old pommie.

13th Aug 2010, 14:49
The AK1000 nacelle was fabricated by Soil Marine Dynamics in Newcastle in England.
Atlantis Resources Corporation (http://www.atlantisresourcescorporation.com/index.php)

13th Aug 2010, 15:11
What happened to that wiggly-worm thing that uses wave power (nb not tide) to produce leccy? Twas launched a few months back somewhere grey an orrible off west Jockistan I think.

Getting techincal, it was bright yellow.

13th Aug 2010, 15:16
Gainesy, there was certainly summat up at the pointy end, just off Orkney. It was yellow (at least above the surface).

13th Aug 2010, 15:24
Spotted it was Tidal , but I am interested in the actual output of Wind Turbines Windy Militant and I guess you will know.

The press always quotes a number which I assume is the theretical max , is it?

Windy Militant
13th Aug 2010, 16:53
Don't ask me gov I'm just the grease monkey!:}
Sensible answer it varies with each individual machine. There is a an international standard for calculating the power output curve for calibrated wind turbines which requires a whole deal of data gathering and number crunching which I presume the commercial guys don't bother doing for their machines.
I know that we had to resubmit our machine after they remodelled the mound for the second target station for the ISIS accelerator.
Also like aircraft, turbine performance is affected by air density and humidity.
The clever bods down the corridor have been working on Wind prediction programmes which are already in use in parts of Europe which look at synoptic pressure information and give a very good idea which turbines will be producing most power to allow switching around the grid uk/projects_integration (http://www.eru.rl.ac.uk/projects_integration.html)Have a look here.

22 Degree Halo
13th Aug 2010, 19:25
Well, since AK1000 will be based offshore Orkney, you can be sure the forthcoming winter storms will keep this baby powering.. :}

13th Aug 2010, 19:41
I say put one outside of Congress and one outside of Parliament.

With all the hot air coming from those two, we could power both Nations and sell off the excess.

Pugilistic Animus
13th Aug 2010, 19:46
if my ex-wife's mouth could be harnessed for the wind it produces she could replace ALL other types of power generating schemes:}:}:}

tony draper
13th Aug 2010, 19:56
Seriously I don't doubt for a minute that kit like the above is a clever piece of engineering and great respect to the chaps who designed built it,and it will no doubt be fine for feeding small Scottish Islands and coastal Caravan parks but neither they or wind turbines or wave power will ever be the answer to our diminishing stock of real Power Station, it's just pie in the sky a sop to the greenies.
The powers that be need to get real,and as I said in my first post start building real power stations, ones that will supply all our enegy needs without importing oil or gas to run the buggas,and that only leaves two options,Nuclear or Coal.

13th Aug 2010, 20:11
Nuclear thanks, Mr Draper.