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12th Aug 2010, 11:45

Do you know a company that proposes "circular" flights all over the world? I mean departing from an european airport "A" to airpot "B", then "B" to "C", then... and finally "Z" to "A", with a stay of lets say 1 week at each city?
I am looking for a dedicated service, avoiding the "direct" -and expensive- flights.

Many thanks

12th Aug 2010, 11:52
Let me google that for you (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=around+the+world+ticket) :rolleyes:

Um... lifting...
12th Aug 2010, 12:15
Checkboard, you provide a valuable service.

Next time I need something, I will 'checkboard' it.:p

12th Aug 2010, 12:58
Your question, or at least this part,I am looking for a dedicated service, avoiding the "direct" -and expensive- flights, is as clear as Limpopo mud, meaning it's totally opaque.

Most carriers offer RTW fares in conjunction with alliance partners. Typically they will allow any RTW routing using those carriers as long as travel is in a continuous direction with no backtracking.

A decent travel agent - which is about as hard to find as a virgin in a brothel - should be able to give you all the information to enable you to make a decision.

On other hand, I am looking for a dedicated service, avoiding the "direct" -and expensive- flights
makes me wonder if you know what you want, because a 'dedicated' service is obviously going to be expensive. Perhaps you just mean an RTW fare rather than buying point to point tickets but your phrasing is unclear.

12th Aug 2010, 13:03
I suggested a round the world trip to my wife. She wanted to go somewhere else.....

12th Aug 2010, 13:30
deicated service
There's an outfit called Private Jet Vacations who use a 757 for RTW "cruises".

Are you sitting down ? $60,000 for 22 days but then if you have to ask, you can't afford it as they say.

12th Aug 2010, 13:42
Well... reading your posts I understand that my english skills can be improved :-) I will rephrase it, forget "dedicated" and "direct"

I want to make a RTW trip, not in a "dedicated" jet :-), departing and arriving at an European airport. I have of course already googled the question but I am looking on this forum for information on companies/feed-back/advices for the choice of the air carrier...
As mentioned before, I don't trust my "decent travel agent" to get valuable information :-)
Thanks for any information

12th Aug 2010, 13:52
If you were in UK I would recommend the services of an agent such as Trailfinders or STA Travel who specialise in this type of trip and their staff are well trained and competent. However their fares begin and end in UK. I would imagine that in Belgium there must be similar agencies.

12th Aug 2010, 14:33
Round the World Airfares (http://www.airtimetable.com/Around_World_Airfares.htm)

Click one of the "Alliance" links, Star, Oneworld etc. A consolidator may be cheaper, but how much is peace of mind worth ?

12th Aug 2010, 15:00
Just for information, the RTW fares from BRU start at EUR 2000, exclusive of taxes. It is impossible to quote with taxes without knowing the stopovers.

flying lid
12th Aug 2010, 15:26
Try Air New Zealand - The only airline that does actually fly round the world. London & Frankfurt / Munich.

They have a good website, and you can tailor make your route within their network. Decent prices as well. Click on bookings / round the world flights.
Diddle around and come up with an itinery / cost.

Cheap Flights, Airfares & Holidays - AirNewZealand Official Site - United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Site (http://www.airnewzealand.co.uk/)

Hope this is usefull.


12th Aug 2010, 16:09
Oops - I read it as he wanted to alphabetically do it - A,B,C.. etc ending up at Zurich or somesuch.

No wonder I get lost..

Um... lifting...
12th Aug 2010, 16:53
Perhaps then, China will be later in the itinerary...

Xai Xai Mozambique

Xangongo Angola

Xanxere Brazil

Xayabury Laos

Xi An China

Xiguan SIA

Xiamen China

Xiangfan China

Xichang China

Xieng Khouang Laos LA

Xienglom Laos LA

Xilinhot China

Xin Hui China

Xingcheng China

Xingning China

Xingtai China

Xinguara Brazil

Xingyi China

Xining China

Xuzhou China

12th Aug 2010, 17:36
Daughter did this, try a specialist travel agent

12th Aug 2010, 17:45
For X, I don't know, but W will be Wavre, my hometown :-)
Thanks for the info; if any others, don't hesitate!

12th Aug 2010, 18:00
Maybe, rather than insisting on starting / returning in mainland Europe, you should consider London as being a bigger hub? You could travel by Eurostar from Brussels . . .

12th Aug 2010, 18:14
'planes are for business. If you want to go round the world for fun, take a cruise..... (Thanks to the guy in 1F for cutting a fully reclined, florid and languid beaut right in my face last night.) Where is the fun in that?

12th Aug 2010, 18:48
As the UK are part of Europe, London is also an option :-), very interesting btw with BA & OneWorld