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10th Aug 2010, 02:30
As someone of more of the Democratic persuasion I still cannot help but believe that R. Reagan did much to help the US after the failed regime of Carter... any thoughts, well, perhaps no one will respond, but this is my thread and opinion just the same:\

10th Aug 2010, 02:41
The greatest President of the 20th century. What else is there to say. Next year we celebrate his 100th birthday.

10th Aug 2010, 02:42
Anyone would have been an improvement at 1600 Penn. after Jimmy Carter. With the possible exception of the incumbent President, (only time will tell), he would have to have been the most disastrous president the US has ever elected.

His only achievement that immediately comes to mind was his single-handed creation of the French arms industry with his utterly imbecilic 'we'll sell American weapons only to nice people' policy.

10th Aug 2010, 02:46
Take it to the US politics thread please Gentlemen.
Thank you.