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9th Aug 2010, 13:21
There was a knock on my hotel room door...I opened it...some man handed me a small bag of diamonds...AND ALL MY CLOTHES FELL OFF !

Sound familiar ?


9th Aug 2010, 15:04
Classic - how did they get away with the title? I bet Mr P was a touch nervous with that line.

I'm looking forward to the agent's 'evidence' this afternoon - not much love lost there, I guess.

9th Aug 2010, 15:06
I formed an opinion, only an opinion mind...that she was telling porkies. :=

9th Aug 2010, 15:23
They were only dirty pebbles she said so herself and went on to say how much of an inconvinience it was to be there:eek

I wonder if I could get out of jury service using that one:confused:

Um... lifting...
9th Aug 2010, 15:44
Are you a 5'9" tall supermodel with hair extensions? Then give it a go... if not, probably should climb in the box.

9th Aug 2010, 15:45
You could drive a train through the lawyer's questioning of her:

"Why did your lawyer think that----?"

Correct response: "I cannot testify to what my lawyer thought"

"Will you claim at the hearing in New York that----?"

Correct response. "I have no idea what I will claim in a different court at some unspecified date in the future...."

Continuous repetition of the same question

Correct response: "I refer you to my previous answer..."

"Are you aware that A said to B that....."

Correct response: "I cannot testify to hearsay"

Whole thing is a shambols !

tony draper
9th Aug 2010, 16:39
Dont think they have anything to worry about, it's not as if it is a real court it's one of those Euro things.:rolleyes:

9th Aug 2010, 16:54
Can someone tell the cousins its pronounced "Nay oh me" NOT "Nye oh me"

Whats so difficult about pronouncing a name as it's spelled?

TTN (St John Cholmondeley-Dalziell)

9th Aug 2010, 17:19
The BINT should be banned:ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

9th Aug 2010, 17:27
She's never been the same since her dad crashed the boat.

9th Aug 2010, 17:28
Thank you, I'd not remembered laughing so much when this was broadcast:E:ok::ok:

The late XV105
9th Aug 2010, 17:30
Anyone who has socialised with "Flav" is guilty as charged.
Case closed. :)

9th Aug 2010, 17:37
Such a lovely sweet lady, I'm sure she's being totally honest and she was the victim of that naughty Mr. Taylor.

Shame on these nasty Cloggy folk for putting her on trial with the big bad judge.

tony draper
9th Aug 2010, 17:56
Going by the past performance Mr Taylor will have died of old age before those pork barreling tossers reach a verdict.

9th Aug 2010, 18:15
What's he guilty of anyway?:suspect:

9th Aug 2010, 18:36
Murder, rape, theft, embezlement, creating child soldiers whose first act was to murder their parents, canabilism - usual African stuff.


Not very PC, that statement, was it !

9th Aug 2010, 18:58
From Wiki ...

He famously campaigned on the slogan "He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him."And of course they did, in many cases because the voters knew he would start the slaughter again if rejected.

Can someone give me an explanation as to why so much of Africa is like this? I cannot give my view on what is wrong without upsetting the PC brigade.

South Africa is waiting in the wings for its performance of internecine strife .

Pugilistic Animus
9th Aug 2010, 19:09
Naomi Campbell is cold as LN2:\

Murder, rape, theft, embezlement, creating child soldiers whose first act was to murder their parents, canabilism - usual African stuff.


True though--:ugh:

Union Jack
9th Aug 2010, 19:17
I know that it is absolutely nothing to do with the case in question, and thus no more than an innocent coincidence, but it may be of passing interest that the name Campbell is said to be derived from the two Gaelic words meaning twisted, or crooked, mouth in English, that the clan motto can be translated from the Latin "Ne obliviscaris" as "Do not forget" and that the clan crest contains a boar's head .......:hmm:


PS I wonder if Campbells are still barred from the Clachaig Inn at Glencoe

9th Aug 2010, 19:24
But then I believe more Campbells have won the VC than members of any other family.

Is this Taylor chap not the one who was the Flight Lieutenant? There's the aviation link. Or am I on to the wrong country?

9th Aug 2010, 19:27
No that was Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings, led Ghana for a while. Always quite liked the way he didnt elevate himself to ACM or something!

9th Aug 2010, 19:27
OFSO, quite apart from your obviously photographic memory and frame of context, what a good find on ootube, (and I know everything's there). Now could you see a sketch like that and 3 numbers from Buddy Rich on
the same programme the these day? I think not..
Nice point, well made :ok:

tony draper
9th Aug 2010, 21:24
Taylor just sounds like the standard issue African leader, why has he in particular been picked out for the human rights court treatment?

El Grifo
9th Aug 2010, 22:03
Would "Pudgy" be a mile off :eek:

Sir George Cayley
9th Aug 2010, 22:16
If Campbell was unaware of what she was given and by whom, why did she pass them on to the Mandela Foundation with the words "do some good with them"?

And why did said Foundation initially deny their existence but then find 'em?

I wonder if she's being coy because she let someone play hide the sausage with her? Hence payment?

Sir George Cayley

9th Aug 2010, 22:46
play hide the sausage with her

What a revolting thought!

9th Aug 2010, 23:42
Rather than all the energy wasted on this trashy skank, why don't we ask the real question:

What was Taylor doing invited to a "do" at Mandela's"?

10th Aug 2010, 05:37
Criminals tend to stick together.

10th Aug 2010, 07:36
They're all as bad as each other. The sainted Mandela isn't quite as saintly as people would have you believe.

10th Aug 2010, 07:40
What is bigger? Naomi Campbell's IQ or her dress size? My money's on the dress size. How can one person be so stupid?

10th Aug 2010, 09:32
"How can one person be so stupid? "

Yet so expensive, a few dirty pebbles to play in a ???????

B Fraser
10th Aug 2010, 09:48

Thicker than most.

Load Toad
10th Aug 2010, 09:54
I guess as a guide on good ethics Naomi Campbell would be low down most peoples lists of reputable and reliable people.

I reckon on the 'Snorting coke in a threesome and taking it for the team' she'd do pretty well.

Wouldn't trust her word as far as I could spit her.

10th Aug 2010, 10:30
Campbell's a narcissistic, money-grubbing, brainless, tragic clothes horse who's completely wrapped up in the cult of her own celebrity. There's no wonder she's an icon of the times.

Unfortunately the fascion industry being what it is, she'll be rehabilitated in no time at all, and her earning power will have doubled. I predict her next career move will be to be filmed beating a disabled blind orphan to death with a baby panda.

PS How come the mods haven't stopped this thread yet. I thought all celebrity talk was verboten?

10th Aug 2010, 12:16
Today's German paper cited Mia Farrow as telling of La Campbell telling everyone at some do about how she got a nice, big diamond from Taylor, not merely some grubby little stones. So it seems Naomi might be in trouble for telling porkies. How much trouble I think we can guess, as in "not much."

"About as much as if she ran over an OAP with her Mercedes," or was that someone else? After a while all these celeb stories tend to blur and run together but I like them just the same, for a few minutes anyway.

10th Aug 2010, 12:29
It was reported yesterday that if Charles Taylor is found guilty, he will be imprisoned in the UK. Now there would be a cost saving worth considering

Captain Stable
10th Aug 2010, 12:52
All data from Wikipedia...

In 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty in a Toronto court to a 1998 assault on Georgina Galanis, her then assistant
In March 2005, Campbell allegedly slapped assistant Amanda Brack and beat her around the head with a BlackBerry personal organiser.
On 30 March 2006 in New York City, Campbell was arrested for allegedly assaulting her housekeeper with a jewel-encrusted mobile phone
On 25 October 2006, Campbell was arrested in London on suspicion of assault
On 14 November 2006, another former Campbell housekeeper, Gaby Gibson, began a new court case against Campbell seeking unspecified damages, and accused her ex-employer of being a "violent super-bigot"
On 16 January 2007, Campbell pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless assault against her housekeeper Ana Scolavino.
On 3 April 2008, Campbell was arrested inside Heathrow's Terminal 5 on suspicion of assaulting a police officer after one of her bags had been lost.
On 2 March 2010, Campbell's limousine driver filed a report with the New York City Police Department claiming that Campbell had slapped and punched him.
Would I trust her to tell the truth?

Iain Wilson
10th Aug 2010, 12:55
Well said, Phil.
There are some aspects of his past that have "airbrushed" out.

10th Aug 2010, 13:02
One thing really gets on my 36C's...

Can someone please enlighten me why this creature is called a 'supermodel' by most of the press, including even the BBC's national news?

They don't refer to superactresses, superbankers or even superpilots. What's different about models that they have this special rating?

(serious answers only please...)

Iain Wilson
10th Aug 2010, 13:07
Probably related to the "super" fee she can command over and above that of her colleagues.
On an entirely personal note, I don`t see what the fuss is about with regard to her appearance. I don`t find her in the least attractive and would rather look at Penelope Cruz ANYDAY than La Campbell. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder......
She comes over as being somewhat out of touch with reality.

10th Aug 2010, 13:23
Blood diamonds? I'd like to give her a pearl necklace personally.

10th Aug 2010, 13:33
Kate Moss anytime..........its a fact that she has never been heard to speak on any media:rolleyes:

10th Aug 2010, 13:42



10th Aug 2010, 13:57

She has the most appalling yobbish accent

10th Aug 2010, 14:02
..and chubby cheeks........which always remind me of:


Al Fakhem
10th Aug 2010, 15:12
Naomi Campbell: obviously as thick as a brick ("never heard of Liberia before") and extremely comfortable in the company of a warlord.

Of course, one wonders what motive Nelson Mandela had in organizing a dinner with such suspect guests. Perhaps it doesn't matter how crappy your guests are, as long as they're black (because they can't do any wrong, right?).

10th Aug 2010, 15:19
Hmm, whilst I get the sentiment, criticising Campbell for going to dinner with Taylor does rather get cancelled out by speculating on Mandela's motive for being in the same room at the same time.

As others said, Mandela ran with the Madiba side of things & who could blame him? but no man in his position got there by giving out baloons to children for a living.

10th Aug 2010, 18:21
I like the way she said that it was 'inconvenient' to give evidence. No thought to how many had been killed.

Life of a super model.:eek: Does my bum look big in this?:confused:

10th Aug 2010, 19:13
Are supermodels like supertankers?

I have heard (today) the floods in Pakistan referred-to as a mega disaster - like a megastar. Will we now have megamodels?
I think we should be told.

10th Aug 2010, 19:17
Everything is mega in Geordieland!

Don't you know?:confused:

Weak? Dull? Lifeless?:E

Have you got your mojo back?:E

12th Aug 2010, 15:24
I reckon Charles Taylor shagged her and that's how she got the diamonds.:ooh:

12th Aug 2010, 15:31
She hasn't yet admitted to the pearl necklace.....

12th Aug 2010, 18:56
She was a brainless twit then as now and always will be. Isnt it her who said Robert Mugabe or some other tyranical bloodey moron was a hero or something? :mad:

Shagging her would be admiting your too lazey to toss yourself off.

12th Aug 2010, 19:05
Nah, you're wrong. I would any day of the week. Not interested in her dimbulbness am I?

12th Aug 2010, 19:10
Parap :bored:

Id have more respect for you if you said youd shag a goat any day of the week. Christ mate you could do far better than her..............even a goat!

12th Aug 2010, 19:15
What about weekends?

12th Aug 2010, 19:16
Well yeh I suppose he could shag goats on weekends if he wanted to.

12th Aug 2010, 19:19
Lemme see, a disagreable dim-lo supermodel with the morals of a dog or a farmyard animal.

If it's all the same slasher I'll cancel that nght out on the pull with you this weekend, but can you bring back some cheese & a few potatoes please?

12th Aug 2010, 23:00
but can you bring back some cheese & a few potatoes please?

Oh, come on! You've got to give her a bit more than that....add in some bloody pork scratchings too.:)

12th Aug 2010, 23:02
I think it is quite refreshing as shows how safe hotels are worldwide and single women can stay safely anywhere.

I presume this must be the case as the 1 Brain cell known as Naomi Campbell opened the door late at night after a meal with presumeable alcohol to 2 complete strangers.

I guess this happens all the time in hotels, though none in ones I have ever stayed in apparently :cool:

12th Aug 2010, 23:06

You're in Darkest Surrey not Darkest Africa.

You're not a Sleb either.:E

12th Aug 2010, 23:47
Naomi Campbell opened the door late at night after a meal with presumeable alcohol to 2 complete strangers
Which suggests that she was expecting 'someone' - ie pre-arranged . . .

12th Aug 2010, 23:50
Room service with potatoes and cheese?

She wears nice shoes though.:ok: