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8th Aug 2010, 07:03
JETSTAR'S biggest management restructure since 2004 will help it keep its leading role in the Asia-Pacific region, says CEO Bruce Buchanan.
The Qantas offshoot announced yesterday that former chief financial officer David Hall would return from Qantas to take over the airline's operations in Australia and New Zealand.
Mr Hall will also be responsible for introducing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the Qantas fleet.
At the same time, Jetstar Singapore chief executive Chong Phit Lian will take on an expanded role beyond her existing duties in the Singapore hub, including responsibility for other Jetstar investments and business in Asia.
Mr Buchanan will continue to control the group, including its expansion into new markets.
"We just came to a realisation that if we're going to have the right bandwidth and the right focus both on the strategic issues and the new business opportunities, that we needed a new structure," Mr Buchanan said.
"And this structure is one that creates a number of business leads that will be chief executives of their respective areas, and then four key functional areas to provide support to the group."
The new structure reduces the number of direct reports to Mr Buchanan from eight to six.
In addition to the chief executives, they include group functions headed by chief commercial officer David Koczkar, chief financial officer Richard Moore, and strategy head Vincent Hodder.
Jetstar expects to appoint a new people and communications head from outside the airline in coming weeks.
Mr Buchanan said the new structure would free him to spend more time with his team and on strategic issues in Asia.
"We've been incredibly successful and we just want to make sure we stay a step ahead of the game and we maintain our leading position in the Asia-Pacific region, and we continue to capitalise on all the growth opportunities as they come up," he said.
The airline was fortunate to get back Mr Hall to head the Australian-New Zealand operations, because he already knew the business, the Jetstar boss said.
As well, he has had valuable experience with Qantas.
Mr Buchanan said the new structure would allow Mr Hall to get around the airline's 52 destinations, talk to staff and customers, and ensure that Jetstar maintained a strong connection with its Australian and New Zealand markets. "It's great to note that five of the six are either current or former Jetstar people and we've been able to grab that talent from within for all those senior roles," he said.
Mr Hall, who was appointed Qantas corporate services and technology group executive in 2008, said the new job represented the fulfilment of a long-held ambition.
Challenges included continued growth in Australasia, maintaining competitiveness around price and costs, and improving efficiency to make travel faster and easier for customers, Mr Hall said.

The Australian

8th Aug 2010, 22:03
Now that that Bruce has soooooo many managers reporting to him, he must be in line for a payrise...while he shafts everybody else!!!

stubby jumbo
9th Aug 2010, 00:51
"The Qantas offshoot announced yesterday that former chief financial officer David Hall would return from Qantas to take over the airline's operations in Australia and New Zealand.
Mr Hall will also be responsible for introducing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the Qantas fleet."

When you dissect this commentary ...you realise that these people have no idea what the hell they are managing or doing.
Last time I checked-the 787 had wings and flew in the air.

Not only is Mr Hall running around trying to sort out the woes of JQ -which I reckon would keep him fairly busy:rolleyes:
He is also going to be doing another gig. A gig which considering we are getting over 50 of the buggers would you need to be priddy much on the ball.

But no...this is all too much common sense for this lot.

Why do they even bother announcing these things. Even a 6 year old could work out that this idea makes about as much sense as feeding the Cookie Monster..... Orange's.

But hey .....don't get me started on....... Orange;)

Jet Jockey
9th Aug 2010, 05:23
Buchanon inherited a can-do work force and in under 2 years has screwesd it into the ground. Around 50% union representation post AJ to probably 90% now. Zero goodwill left amongst any Aircrew both pilots and cabin. Hill has taken on a shit storm. Check J* on time performance in the coming weeks to see how the place is running.

9th Aug 2010, 05:39
Jet Jockey,

As a fellow PPRuNer said on this issue

Caveat Emptor " buyer beware"

You will get support from others, but zero sympathy. This outcome was as clear as crystal from the beginning, but in the tried and true manner of aspiring pilots in this country, souls and even grandmothers have been sold to the devil. People blinded by the new shiny jet syndrome.
Unfortunately the actions of these people have destroyed the very foundations of the industry to which we all aspired to.

my oleo is extended
9th Aug 2010, 12:48
In the past 2 months or so Boston Bruce has flicked most of the HR department, most of finance and flight dispatch roles.My source tells me he is going to wield the axe again shortly and punt even more of the skeleton staff remaining at the place.I am told it is now truly an abysmal environment to work in.
Next thing I expect to see over there is high school dropouts manning check-in counters, TAFE graduates driving A320`s and homeless folk living beneath the Harbour Bridge running the ramp....whoops,I think this may already be the case !

Going Boeing
11th Aug 2010, 03:01
From Senior management changes at Jetstar (http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2010/08/05/345797/senior-management-changes-at-jetstar.html)
This will be filled by Qantas group executive corporate services and technology David Hall, who was chief financial officer at Jetstar previously. Hall, who will report to Buchanan, will be responsible for flying operations, airports, pilots, cabin crew, engineering, safety and technical programs. He will also be responsible for the introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the Qantas group fleet.

During Dixon's tenure as QF group CEO, hundreds of millions of $ were squandered because of poor decisions made by a senior management group that had no-one with real operational experience (Dixon, Gregg & Borghetti). It appears that they haven't learnt anything and are putting a man who's experience is definitely in the "finance" domain. Once again, I expect that there will be a lot of money squandered which will have to be recovered by sackings and reductions in T's & C's.

stubby jumbo
11th Aug 2010, 06:13
......you're right GB.

Its same old, same old, ////round and round we go

BOOM- BUST:ouch: / BLAME:confused: /BULLYING:\/ MASS SACKINGS/"NEW" MANAGEMENT:bored:...........then the cycle repeats:ugh:

Interesting watching DJ going through the same cycle. Only difference for us- is that we have been through it about 20 times in the past 30 years.:{

Bring back Government ownership and the Flying Kangaroo. Life was much more "pleasant" in those daze.:zzz:

porch monkey
11th Aug 2010, 07:00
Difference so far, at VB he hasn't axed anyone who didn't truly deserve it.

Going Boeing
11th Aug 2010, 07:23
PM, I wasn't having a shot at Borghetti. He was put in the position of being responsible for QF operations but as his experience was purely in marketing, he didn't have the ability to spot "operational problems" when BCG (Boston Consulting) and other financial whiz-kids came up with a concept to save money. Consequently, some very poor decisions were made which cost both a lot of money but more importantly, a lot of good-will. Joyce appears to have identified this and put Lyell Strambi in charge of Ops but the lesson hasn't been learnt at Jet*.

porch monkey
12th Aug 2010, 09:40
Sorry GB, wasn't directed at you, just a comment re his performance so far at VB. There have been a couple of media reports about some management being "unhappy" with the changes. Mainly the cockroaches who don't like the smell of mortein...... (Borrowed that from cactus jack)