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6th Aug 2010, 23:14
Is this such a big issue?

(short story follows...)

It would seem that Vandyk K Integ Paradise 2 (American based clone) has managed to produce 97 offspring via various UK based herds.

Now, it seems, meat and milk from this line are freely entering supermarket shelves.

Apart from the natural defence to anything new...

Whats the fuss?

6th Aug 2010, 23:18
It means the Daily Mail can spout a load of cr4p, scare the ar5e off it's stupid readers and then sell even more newspapers 12 months later when they write another load of cr4p blaming the government for over reacting.

I hate tabloid journos.


Pugilistic Animus
6th Aug 2010, 23:29
no worries:)

6th Aug 2010, 23:54

Richard Taylor
7th Aug 2010, 06:10
Reporters tracked down the two cows to see if there were any differences.

"Moooooooo", went the "original" beast.

"I don't know what all the fuss is about", said the cloned cow.

7th Aug 2010, 06:18
When they cloned Dolly the Sheep, no less than Billy Connoly himself asked the question - "Why? It's not like it's hard to get two sheep to look like each other!"

The same applies here, surely? :confused:

7th Aug 2010, 06:20

7th Aug 2010, 13:43
The Today Programme announced that "Britain is waking to the news that meat from a cloned cow has entered the food chain".

Waking to the news? That an asteroid was heading for the earth? That Elvis really is alive and well? That England had won the world cup?" No, just this total non-story.


Ancient Observer
7th Aug 2010, 14:22
I opened this thread thinking that it was going to be a thread about the nearly ex-wife of a footballer.

The I find that it's all about cows.!!!

42 to the lot of you.

7th Aug 2010, 14:24
Look, it must be bad for us because the EU says so.

(like lead in solder, mercury in thermometers, oil in paint, etc.)

7th Aug 2010, 14:44
Radium in luminous paint . . .

Ancient Observer
7th Aug 2010, 14:55
.............it was the Zinc Plumbate that did it, occifer, honest..............