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6th Aug 2010, 00:09
Went to the inaugrial meeting last night. Must admit, went along for interest, to meet the neighbours, and to get a few stickers and a 10% insurance discount.

I can see it being a good idea, but couldn't help feeling it was a little "quaint." (Which was quite refreshing)

One idea the co-ordinator had was to put a sticker on the door stating "we don't buy from the door!"

Don't know about you chaps, but have bagged some bargains and good services at the door.

Anyway, was a bit of a giggle, might nick next door's big telly when the September meetings due.:)

6th Aug 2010, 00:14
have bagged some bargains and good services at the door
Not my experience . . .

6th Aug 2010, 00:48
a bloke called the other week,trying to sell me his services. 'twas the local milkman. Never really needed one, but he's now delivering a litre of the white stuff, 6 local free range eggs and a copy of The Saturday Blah for about three quid a week.

Good on him.

The Homewatch co-ordinator gave some terrible story of some'one buying dusters from poundland, and selling them for 5.99 at the door.

Woopee woo, good on'em I say, better than burgling me 'ouse.

How much this "co-ordinator" cost beggars belief.

Sir Herbert Gussett
6th Aug 2010, 01:00
There is that ridiculous title "Co-Ordinator" again. I wish it would be banned from job titles, but then they'll think up something more ridiculous such as "Action Officer".

Not a member of Homewatch round here but they annoyingly send me newsletters through the postbox telling me what they have been up to at their silly little meetings. :ugh: They seem to cut and paste a paragraph moaning about kids kicking a ball about in the play park into every single newsletter.

I think they have themselves confused though. Blabber on about being Home Watch and they seem to act more like a residents association.

6th Aug 2010, 08:20
Some years ago, back in Jockistan, someone (ironically an ex con) set up a Neighbourhood Watch in the street I lived in. I didn't participate, and felt some just signed up since it was an excuse for them to stick their noses into everyone else's business. So the big day came. The signs were unveiled, all those with bugger all to do posed in a photo for the local paper, the police gave a little speech, you know how it goes. All was good, for a few hours, because sometime between the hours of 2200 and 0700 on the night the scheme went "live", outside the house of the person who organised the whole scheme, a neighbour's car wheels were stolen............

6th Aug 2010, 11:25
a neighbour's car wheels were stolen............

Blimey, do you still leave the wheels bolted on your parked cars overnight up there ?! Still, can't laugh, a bloke was beaten to death here after a minor collision on the roundabout near Figueras yesterday. Assailant used a wheelnut spanner to stove in the skull of the guy who'd crashed into him. That'll larn him.

6th Aug 2010, 12:27
They had a pretty good homewatch system in Germany once, it was called gestapo, but that was later changed to Stasi.

I'm in a thing called farmwatch, they tell you who has had what kit nicked, never seemed to actually catch anyone till last week when a pair of scroates got nicked red-handed as a direct result of the system.