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5th Aug 2010, 14:26
Why would they want to keep them though?

US agency admits to saving body scan images | Security Management | ZDNet UK (http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/security-management/2010/08/05/us-agency-admits-to-saving-body-scan-images-40089745/)

5th Aug 2010, 14:45
Nothing evil going on - the mmw records the images and related metadata to hard drive an no one has bothered to erase them.

An mmw image is nothing to get excited about - it 'sees' threatening objects under garments based on their thermal characteristics at the operating frequency and the body is a featureless silhouette, with guns and things showing up brightly. The one I'm familiar with does store a visible-light photo along with the mmw image.

5th Aug 2010, 23:10
John, it's "evil" because the DHS/TSA has consistently and repeatedly claimed their machines can not (ie. implied physical impossibility) store images.

Why they have to be so :mad:ing pig-headed about it escapes me. Just say the operator cannot recall the images and the 'scandal' goes away. Clowns.