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5th Aug 2010, 07:31
Saw an interesting snippet of an article just then.

Jetstar restructures amid expansion (http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-business/jetstar-restructures-amid-expansion-20100805-11jrk.html)

in particular

David Hall will come across from Qantas and take the newly created role of Jetstar chief executive for Australia and New Zealand.

He will also be responsible for the introduction of the Boeing 787 to the Qantas group fleet.
So "Team 787" will be an entirely airline independant operation or am I reading too much into this ?

Gas Bags
5th Aug 2010, 08:03
Not sure about that 600, But I read into that article that Jetstar/QF are definately not going to make the base in HCMC as the 'base for long haul hub' as was hoped with the investment in Pacific Airlines to be the case.


6th Aug 2010, 02:51
They are starting to pop out the factory door in various airline colours. Had a good look at the composite construction and generally from a distance they look rather cool.

I hope you guys enjoy them whoever operates them.