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Cardinal Puff
4th Aug 2010, 18:59
You'd think Interpol would be more picky about who they put in charge.:rolleyes:

Marga Ley, Beeld

Johannesburg - “I have been expecting this since day one,” Jackie Selebi said on Tuesday about his 15-year prison sentence for corruption.

He added: “The case is far from over.”

His brother, Suleiman Selebi, said outside the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg after sentencing, that Judge Meyer Joffe is an “apartheid judge” who has found his brother guilty in an “apartheid court” according to the “imperial West’s” Roman-Dutch legal system, which “should not be allowed in this country any more”.

Joffe said during sentencing: “Mr Selebi, you have brought humiliation to the post of police chief; you’re an embarrassment to those who appointed you; an embarrassment to your fellow police officials; an embarrassment for each and every rational South African; and you’re an embarrassment to this court for the fact that you thought the court would believe your dishonest and fabricated testimony.

“It is unthinkable for a national chief of police to be found an unreliable witness.

“Police officials who work hard deserve better than someone like you.”

Could have said no

Joffe said Selebi could have said no to the bribe offered by Glenn Agliotti, just as is expected from a police constable who earns just a fraction of Selebi’s salary.

The gravity of corruption cannot be underestimated, the judge said.

“It sabotages a country’s prosperity and the development of a democracy, and it is also one of the biggest threats to constitutional law and order in South Africa.

“Corruption destroys the morals and values of a nation like a cancer which needs to be cut out. Corruption among members of the police will never be acceptable, let alone from the chief of police.

Selebi knew of the dangers of corruption. During his inaugural address he said he would be focusing on corruption ‘so we can fight crime with clean hands’.”

No sympathy

Joffe said Selebi had “polluted” the police service and addressed him personally: “Mr Selebi, you led the police service in maintaining law and order in our country, fighting crime and protecting us all.

“You have polluted that service. People looked up to you with respect to take a leader’s stance against crime.”

According to Joffe, Selebi’s corrupt behaviour has caused considerable damage to South Africa and the South African Police Service.

Fifteen years is the minimum sentence for a crime of this nature, as is determined in the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Joffe also said it might be true that Selebi has suffered and fallen, but lost the sympathy he would have had by lying in court and fabricating testimony.

Released on R20 000 bail

Jaap Cilliers SC, Selebi’s legal representative, indicated that they will be applying for leave to appeal. Joffe gave them two weeks to prepare the application, otherwise Selebi has to report to prison within 48 hours thereafter.

Selebi was released on R20 000 bail. He paid this before being taken away in a police vehicle amidst great interest in the street.

The former police chief said: “I’ll speak when I’m ready.”

Mthunzi Mhaga, spokesperson for the national prosecuting authority, said outside the court the sentence is harsh enough to make police officials think twice about the temptation of corruption.

“The punishment fits the crime.”

Hayibo's take on the whole circus:-

Jackie Selebi to be diagnosed with slow but fatal Shaik Syndrome
2010-08-04 14:58

Hayibo.com - Doctors attending former top cop Jackie Selebi say they are just hours away from confirming that he is suffering from the same slow-acting fatal disease that struck down Schabir Shaik and left him unable to do anything but drive his BMW around Durban, smoke Cuban cigars and lie next to his pool.

Moments after being sentenced to 15 years in prison, Selebi dabbed at his forehead with a hanky and told aides that he was feeling “as if he might have some sort of fatal collapse at any moment in the next 20 years”.

He was immediately rushed to the Manto Tshabalala-Msimang Memorial Hospital in central Johannesburg where doctors diagnosed him with a variety of terrifying ailments.

According to medical team leader, Dr Spock Zulu, initial tests proved that Selebi had advanced rheumatoid larceny, congenital mendacious warts on his shrivelled ethical cortex, spasmodic hypertension of the kleptomania glands, as well as Lying ******** Syndrome, or LDS.

“We see this a lot in government,” said Dr Zulu. “When large amounts of money combine with tiny amounts of accountability, the victim can transform from a mediocre bureaucrat into a Lying ********.”

But, he said, none of these symptoms would earn Selebi a medical parole.

“You only get out of jail for two reasons,” he explained. “Either you’re flatlining, or President Zuma has got you on speed-dial.”

However, he said, it was still possible that Selebi could be diagnosed with Shaik Syndrome, as long as he switched allegiance from Thabo Mbeki to Zuma.

“We still don’t fully understand the medical science behind Shaik Syndrome, but we are all too familiar with the horrifying symptoms: the slow bloating triggered by donuts and sorbet; the paralysing ennui of discovering that the Tevo didn’t record the latest Idols auditions; and then the final, desperately sad decline into old age and death in between ten and fifty years.”

Meanwhile, Selebi’s brother says he stands by his assertion that sentencing judge, Meyer Joffe, is an “apartheid judge”, presiding over an “apartheid court”, and enforcing the “imperial West’s” Roman-Dutch legal system.

“Apartheid apartheid apartheid,” squealed Suleiman Selebi when questioned by journalists. “Apartheid, plus apartheid, and because apartheid, we apartheid apartheid with apartheid and whether or not apartheid apartheid, we apartheid apartheid apartheid.”

This morning a spokesman from the Ministry of Justice asked Suleiman to “silence the noises in his head for five minutes” and to “listen very carefully.”

“Dude, I’m only going to say this once,” said spokesman Articles Tsotsobe. “The judges are appointed by your government. Your. Government.

“And as for imperialist Western Roman-Dutch law, you might want to ask your bra why he committed his life to policing that legal system. Although turns out he wasn’t so committed, was he?”

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