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30th Jul 2010, 06:15
Hi there VB & VA guys & girls

I don't work for you guys but would love to have staff travel access with VB and see you get the same with other airlines inc. mine.

So why not get management to sign you up to be an ID 90 ZED carrier (Zed (http://www.zed.com)) like most other major carriers? It is practically a zero cost item and will make life a little easier for all of us.

So what do reckon? Add it to your EBA log of claims?

BTW every other worldwide Virgin Airline ( except maybe Galactic :}) is a ZED carrier already.

30th Jul 2010, 06:25
I asked the vb staff travel department if there were any plans to sign up for zed fares several years ago. The reply was basically that they didn't know what a zed fare was. After I explained I was told it would be suggested to the staff travel manager. Still waiting for a response.........

30th Jul 2010, 06:28
This not really an EBA issue, the Company can just make arrangements for this, IF THEY SO WISH.
I agree , it should be so.

30th Jul 2010, 09:16
Here's an idea.

A common EBA (pilots) over the DJ group. VA/VB/PB. New hires will be offered S/O positions on international, or EJ on domestic, depending on their aptitude. Everyone gets a seniority number, and based on that are given the right to bid for either a type transfer if a vacancy arises, or the opportunity to qualify when a command comes up, without of course displacing those already on type or base. Thus creating a "REAL" career path within the organisation.

Wages and conditions of employment comensurate with the high levels of professionalism expected from both the company and the travelling public. Nothing like the stellar bucks and bonuses made by those non productive types in the upper echelons of power (hopefully soon to weeded out anyway), but enough to kick-start a family and with time and progression build a life worthy of all the sacrifices made so far.

Expensive? Yeah maybe, but I'll tell you one thing, the training costs associated with replacing those leaving for "Greener pastures" would virtually disappear, and a professional workforce that truely would be proud to say "I'm a Virgin Blue (or whatever it becomes) Pilot."

Or, they could just leave it the way it is! :bored:

VBA Engineer
30th Jul 2010, 09:54
It is practically a zero cost item and will make life a little easier for all of us.

Well it certainly was practically a zero cost item, right up until it was deemed to be a fringe benefit.

Now in Australia it costs airlines a fortune in Fringe Benefits Tax.

31st Jul 2010, 01:20
VBA Engineer, you've got me there, forgot about the ATO fun police. Maybe you'll have to plead "industry standard".

Maybe we should cut ex PMs :yuk:lifetime travel benefits to rein in the deficit so the workers can enjoy benefits that the rest of the industry world wide enjoys.

31st Jul 2010, 08:42
ZED fares would also make DJ have to set up additional costs to manage this system. Who is going to check tickets, confirm flights etc... it all costs... also I thought DJ was not a member of 'cant remember the organisation' which facilitates ZED fares....

31st Jul 2010, 10:53
JB said at one of the roadshows he was looking at making changes to staff travel.

31st Jul 2010, 12:03
Please Sir, can we have a staff travel system like Virgin Atlantic, where you get rewarded for years of service with free upgrades instead of having to pay a fortune to travel up the pointy end on a V Aus standby ticket? Having been on the receiving end of Atlantic's staff travel system more times than I care to count, and also the system at another major U.K airline, the system at V.B really isn't up to much in my opinion. Of course, I'm no FBT expert so maybe it has to be this poor............:{

31st Jul 2010, 21:07
FBT was limited to $1500.00 AUD. Which the company did use $1000.00 for staff travel credit and $500.00 for misc things eg. birthday parties, christmas parties per a staff member. As it could not be given tax free as cash as the organisation doesnt fit with NPO status.