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titan uranus
30th Jul 2010, 00:06
I can only assume "Mr. Penfolds" may have had his lethal grip upon Ms/Mr Speedbird when she/he elected to wade into this one by print... Either that, or they are galactically reckless...

As always, I'd be pretty careful when failing to disseminate between what is simply harmless rumour and what is libel. Defamatory even...whether that be in a crew room, or even worse, on a publicy accessible website forum.

I am aware of the details of the topical sim session. However, I will not divulge, but to say.. AS ALWAYS, there is a crucial element to the "Speedbirds" caper (agenda) which blows the broadcast conspiracy theory assertion completely out of the water.
Common simulator error, made clear to BOTH the Captain and FO at the time, and a collective agreement amongst all three parties was made to continue with the approach. The story ends there.

The Captain flying the topical exercise is a very competent pilot (I would know, as opposed to the rest of you, I've actually checked him before. And I've never worn a "blue shirt" either by the way) - He is completely free of fault... Speedbird however ISN'T by having taken the "initiative" in this instance, and I wish them the best of luck.

Is there absolutely no common decency nor professionalism amongst pilot's in this industry anymore?
Are we but children in a playground?

Gas Bags
30th Jul 2010, 00:27

Thankyou for the interjection in an otherwise inane thread.

I would willingly put myself and every member of my family on any flight he is in charge of at any time.


30th Jul 2010, 09:51
Well said Titan

30th Jul 2010, 12:22
Ah ,the old Impulse vs blueshirts conspiracy theories at JS. Was there ever a more disfunctional or self destructive group of pilots in Australian aviation history ? And now C&T pilots training their own colleagues out of future jobs and promotions . First in NZ and now SIN. JS management must love what they've achieved with the current pilot group !Roll on the Big Cash bonuses for them and don't mention future pilot shortages!

Metro man
30th Jul 2010, 12:47
Never mind this, the mods closed the thread on Air Asia as well, just after I put up some pictures of their flight attendents. Not fair :*

Much Ado
30th Jul 2010, 12:50
Was there ever a more disfunctional or self destructive group of pilots in Australian aviation history?

Besides Ansett?

I think this thread has served its purpose.