View Full Version : Qantas A380 LAME courses are up for grabs again

29th Jul 2010, 23:56
It is that time of the year again when the flawed selection process is wheeled out so that the already select few can shine and be chosen for dugong training.

Never mind that you just had 330 or 738 training, never mind that you don't actually use your tools any more, just rest assured that whoever gets chosen are the elite among us.

It is a time of elaborate backstabbing and badmouthing it truly is the Qantas way.

PS: I will now remove my tongue from my cheek.

another superlame
30th Jul 2010, 09:59
Just received the email from the ALAEA, they have withdrawn their approval for the selection process. I feel this is both good and bad.

To do it properly and with no internal persuasion the whole saga should be given to an external HR company who deal with this stuff all the time. Surely that would help remove the bias decision making that seems to exist.

Instead of an expression of interest, make it a job vacancy with minimum criteria, and then send it all outside to a HR company that both the company and the ALAEA mutually agree on. Whoever is deemed to meet the criteria and makes it thru the interview etc get a spot.

It needs to be taken away from all the crap and the only way to do it is make sure that neither QF or the ALAEA have a hand in it.

Make it professional and watertight. The last round of selections was an utter joke. How can your superior score you when he is going for the job himself.

Arnold E
30th Jul 2010, 13:02
How can your superior score you when he is going for the job himself. Good question, Any answers?:confused:

31st Jul 2010, 00:40
[QUOTE]How can your superior score you when he is going for the job himself./QUOTE]

How you ask....Very very badly :}

31st Jul 2010, 01:48
:= When are you guys gonna realise that QF will train who they want.They will never listen to a Union with regard to course selection.They will still put their perceived 'stars' through the training, time after time totally disregarding the merits of all those excellent LAMEs who have been by passed in the past, and will continue to do so..And yes it STINKS!..But thats QF for you..Nepotism rules ok!.

Asking the DMM's to nominate the most 'suitable' candidates has corrupted the system to its core..Strange how golfing partners and beer buddies of DMMs always seem to get the nod!..Hmmmm...coincidence???

Long live the Chowmein Club!!!!!!

another superlame
31st Jul 2010, 03:52
Another way to rid the place of this type of nepotism is do what they are doing in Sydney and train the AMEs. That would surely upset some people but it would give the younger blokes in Melbourne something to work towards. Even if this was to happen in Melbourne it would be prudent to outsource the application and selection process.

I believe these EOIs are for Melbourne at the moment

2nd Aug 2010, 06:34
Not a bad idea..

Another way would be to rotate all S/Lames and DMMs through all the crews and areas, say every 12 months.ie SIT, SDT, and Base.
At the Line Stations rotate them through all the crews.

That way you remove stigma,cronyism,nepotism, etc etc..and everyone gets a fair go!..

2nd Aug 2010, 08:23
Maybe we need to get back to having an effective workplace training committee (peers), making the short list of candidates, for the local manager to select from.
The accountability and transparency is a joke. The current process is what i would expect to see in Nth Korea.

Gas Bags
2nd Aug 2010, 08:35
I believe that this was called the Pineapple Club at Ansett. A rather exclusive club indeed!

Do you QF guys have a name for yours?


another superlame
2nd Aug 2010, 08:46
The Chow Mein club was one such exclusive boys club, I don't know if they still reign supreme.

Fed Sec, I know this thread is only short but most people here and at the coal face think the selection process is very poor indeed. Just because the ALAEA had originally signed off on it didn't make it any better.

If you and the company are serious you would look at outsourcing this part of the process to remove as much of the dirty influence as possible.

Gas Bags
2nd Aug 2010, 09:37
To play devils advocate....Would outsourcing the selection process be the best option?

I would imagine that QF would narrow down the requirements to apply for selection to include only those people they wish to select and not many more. Then the outsourced company can provide only reccommendations to QF as to who is the better choice. QF will then still have the final say regardless of this.

I used to see this at Ansett many lifetimes ago when a new type would come along. The management (and senior Pineapple Club members) would decide the criteria to be eligible to attend the training. They would of course work backwards from the qualifications held by the PC members they wanted to train, thereby excluding the majority of the workforce from getting a look in.

Ansett used to have a course selection list. If you were at the top of the list you got the next course (unless it was a new type then refer above).

The guys at the top liked the system, the guys at the bottom did not. It was only around for a couple of years or so before the airline dissolved.

I do not think you will see a fair type of course selection process no matter what system is in place at QF as they can all be manipulated to suit certain requirements.


2nd Aug 2010, 10:10
Have'nt missed too many of the guys that went to team 380. Personally I think its been a good thing.......bring it on.:ok:

It's funny the lengths some will go to just to get onto a course. Definately brings out the true colours in some.

another superlame
2nd Aug 2010, 10:31
Very true Ngineer, I remember last year when the Sydney EOI's came out and the amount of people who never had a good thing to say about Team380 all of a sudden couldn't climb over each other fast enough to put in there applications.

True colours were very much shown.

Rejected T/O
2nd Aug 2010, 11:08
Why is it that the ALAEA only puts out formal letters about this $h!t A380 course selection process when an EOI comes out for Melbourne. What about all the EOI for Sydney!
Does the ALAEA only represent Melbourne LAME's? This $H!T ALAEA endorsed system is also used is Sydney, why wait until it affect Melbourne LAME before doing something about it?
Dose the current Fed Executive members only have a problem with QF Melbourne management?
What about the rest of us LAME's out there.......

3rd Aug 2010, 07:06
Does the ALAEA only represent Melbourne LAME's? This $H!T ALAEA endorsed system is also used is Sydney, why wait until it affect Melbourne LAME before doing something about it?

Take it easy bloke. The first notices and involvement by us was for the first round in Sydney. The company lied and just picked who they wanted.

Second time of activity was around the second course which was also in Sydney. We went ape and highlighted the agreement and picked half the blokes for that course.

Third was the first round of courses in Melbourne, yes more notices and activity. We weren't happy with the agreed selection process either but thought we would give it a run for the upcoming Mel and Syd courses.

The notices now are for the next round, it just happens to be that the EOI was for Melbourne. The resultant outcome however will also apply to Syd.

On my earlier point that we were not happy with the agreed outcome, our choices are, agree to something that gives us some input, or have the company hold back training positions. Latest is that we will be in court on Thu and the Commissioner will make a recommendation that finds some middle ground.

We could however wash our hands of it and just let the company do whatever they want but somehow I think that would only encourage nepotism.